Jim Le Fevre & Ramp Ceramics: Crafts Council

Experimental Zoetrope animator Jim Le Fevre has appeared several times on the Animated Review with his innovative 'phonotrope' technique, but none of his previous projects have been a gorgeously crafted and desirable objet d'art we wished we owned!

The Craft Council brought Jim's animation skills together with film-maker Mike Paterson and RAMP (Roop & Al Make Pots), the Devon-based porcelain and earthenware studio of Rupert and Alice Johnstone, to create this hand-painted pot with a decorative motif that comes to life though animations as it spins on the potter's wheel!

The film was made to promote the work of the Crafts Council and a new exhibition coming up in January called 'Reel to Real' exploring different film/animation/craft collaborations and objests. Crafts Council are a registered charity whose goal is to "make the UK the best place to make, see, collect and learn about contemporary craft". Its donation page is at www.craftscouncil.org.uk/donate.

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