Mysterious Cities of Gold Season 2 DVD

'The Mysterious Cities of Gold' has returned with a second series after an unbelievable 27 year hiatus! It's already being broadcast in the UK on KIX, with the DVD release due in February.

The amazing original series, shown on Children's BBC Television in the 80s, and which ended on the suggestion there would be more, is finally back! It's had a slight cosmetic makeover, and a new orchestration of the original theme, but continues is the same adventurous vein we so fondly remember. Even Bernard Deyries and Jean Chalopin, the original director and writer, are back in charge of the artistic direction and script supervision. With a further two new 26 part seasons to follow we couldn't be more excited!

"Join Esteban, Zia and Tao with some amazing new characters and follow their adventures as they travel to find new cities of gold! After having discovered the first such city in the Americas, he and his friends Zia, Tao and the faithful parrot Kokapetl now journey to China to locate the second. Reunited with his former companions, the old seafarers Mendoza, Sancho and Pedro, the children take to the Golden Condor and fly off to explore the wonders of the East."

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