W&W - Bigfoot

Studio Plumeau, a young animation studio based in Utrecht, animated this ace music video to the thumping beat of W&W trance track 'Bigfoot'.

SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchestre - Catrina

Martin Carolo directed and animated this epic music video for SNA-FU Grand Désordre Orchestre track 'Catrina', taken from their new album 'Knives & Bells'.

Joseph Martinez: Fuck You Pay Me

'Fuck You Pay Me' by Joseph Martinez features a graphic, triangulated image of Mickey Mouse comprised of gouache and collaged real currency. Intended as the first in a series of four works untalising this aesthetic, hopefully we'll see more cartoon icons in the pieces to come.

1xRun have released a timed edition print sale, which is open now and will run until March 5th. The 12 x 12 Inches, Archival Pigment Screen Print on 310gsm Fine Art Paper, priced at $40.00, comes signed and numbered along with a Certificate of Authenticity from Joseph Martinez and 1xRUN.

Chloe Feinberg: Le Petit Néant Ident

Chloe Feinberg follows in the footsteps of fellow RCA students Peter Millard and Nicolas Ménard to bring us the third animated teaser for Dutch illustration journal 'Le Petit Néant'.

Johan Rijpma: Refreshment

Johan Rijpma's artwork is often the result of his fascination by the exploration of the creative design process and the element of unpredictability.

This latest film/animation project was created for the Alpha60 Projects, an online exhibition platform, bringing together artists to produce new and exciting work. 'Refreshment' was a collaborative project with Mark IJzerman and Umeu Bartelds.

The piece explores the random shapes created by an evaporating water spill, before the spill completely dries up the new shape left behind is artificially refreshed, enlarged and recreated with fresh water. The process repeats with these interventions, as the 'life' of the evaporating stain is drawn out to an unnatural length, revealing new forms that otherwise could never have existed.

Malcolm Sutherland: StormJumper

The excellent new animated short from Malcolm Sutherland features a lone alien shaman escape the disastrous planetary storm heading his way.

Kid Acne: Mysterious Cities of Gold Print

The original black & white illustration of Kid Acne's interpretation of iconic 80s classic 'Mysterious Cites of Gold' appeared in issue #1 of the Animated Review 'zine.

A colourised risograph print version of the piece will be part of a forthcoming show at the Graffiti Life Gallery, London.

The show is dubbed 'Adaptations' and will showcase selected artworks form the Kid Acne archives, which pay dividends to seminal moments in popular culture. Alongside 'Mysterious Cities of Gold' we'll also see re-imagined visions of 'Wizbit', 'The Beastmaster', 'Paul's Boutique' and even 'The Adventures of Baron Munchausen'. Perhaps the SpongeBob SquarePants 'Art Fag Bob' collaboration with Bob 2 will also resurface!?

Andy Martin: Selfie

Andy Martin animated this 60 second warning about the perils of self obsession.

'Selfie' was created for the Pictoplasma Character Selfie project, which you can follow and contribute to at www.characterselfies.tumblr.com

Andy Baker: 5 Rules

Andy Baker brings us '5 Rules', a tongue-in-cheek five step guide to succeeding at art school...

Julio Bashmore - Peppermint

'Peppermint', the latest track from British house producer Julio Bashmore, is taken from his forthcoming debut album, due for release later this year on his own Broadwalk Records.

Each aspect of Bashmore's rich production is visualised with its own distinct animated element, created by Noah Harris... "You have gold aeroplanes perfectly synced to the breathy hi-hat sound, an amorphous black diamond synced to a synth, a bouncing ball as the kick drum, and the big synth riff becomes lightning strikes in thunderclouds." The imagery starts quite simply, with 2D graphic elements rigidly animated to the track, this escalates into increasingly complex three dimensional visuals. The premise was to encapsulate the evolution of house music within the animation.

Impressively 90% of the animation is painstakingly crafted by hand and shot in-camera. Harris is quite secretive when it comes to his exact process, utilising a myriad of techniques to achieve his aesthetic. The base technique of the film is stop motion with 3D printed models, but there are no GC elements!

London Grammar - Hey Now

Director and animator Chris Ullens collaborated with Cadi Catlow of Rubber Rocket on the creation of this wonderfully simplistic and surreal stop motion music video for London Grammar.

Stones, pulsating lights, and furry spherical creature dance among the trees in a strangely choreographed dance set to the hauntingly ethereal sounds of London Grammar's new single 'Hey Now', taken from the album 'If You Wait'.

Kieran Gabriel: Sonic Goof T-shirt

Kieran Gabriel's sold out 'Sonic Goof' T-shirt has been re-printed in a second edition. Head over to Kieran's online store to grab one quick! 

The Tee parodies the iconic Sonic Youth album cover for Goo, featuring Goofy and his son Max in a crisp black on white single colour screen print illustration. Nice!

David Pocull: Balls

Creative director, illustrator and animator David Pocull shows us his 'BALLS'!

Fabio Tonetto: Pluto 3000

Simply taking Pluto's colour scheme, and morphing through a series of random blobs, Fabio Tonetto plays with this classic Disney characters iconography to great effect.

The Griswolds - Red Tuxedo

Self proclaimed "mother-fucking, trill-ass, gangsta director" Kris Merc recently released The Griswolds' new animated music video for the track 'Red Tuxedo'.

Masayoshi Nakamura, a multidisciplinary visual artist, provided the artwork and animation, which is packed with a feast of pop-culture references. Keep your eyes peeled for The Catbus, Pikachu, Mickey Mouse and loads more!

Gustavo Bockos: Dirty Land

Gustavo Bockos aka Vokos, is an artist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

He does art direction, advertising campaigns, fashion photography and illustration for various clients and commissioned design works. One of his latest personal art projects is 'Dirty Land', a series of mixed media prints featuring adult content and instantly recognisable Disney characters.

All the prints in the 'Dirty Land' series are available via the Empty Frame online store at £80.00 a pop.

Jérémy Clapin: Palmipedarium

"Simon knows all about ducks... They make noise, fly, swim, some even roll, but sometimes it’s a bit confusing and Simon gets lost."

The somewhat uncomfortable atmosphere captured in Clapin's dialogue-free 'Palmipedrium' is just about the right amount of creepy! Taking a distinct aesthetic departure from the cartoonish style of his earlier short, these pared down visuals compliment and enhance the uneasy feeling that the narrative builds. Great stuff!

Valentines Animation

A short but sweet round-up of 2014's best animated Valentines treats!

'Valentine's Day' by Eoin Duffy

'Robit: In Luv' by Jonas B. Mikkelsen

'The Romantic One' by CRCR

'Mr. Postman Love Mail Service' by Emo Diaz

F3D: 1Wall

Brazilian street artist and animator F3D has just released his experimental, moving painting, street art animation titled '1Wall'.

Created in situ over the walls of Los Angeles and a movable wood panel, the piece was created during his studies at the Univeristy of Southern California.

Whilst it's nothing particularly new, Blu has been doing it for years and we've even seen it recreated digitally for a Vauxhall Corsa advert, F3D has nevertheless created an impressively slick piece of animation!

RichT: Monty Burns Print

RichT has just released this freakishly disfigured Monty Burns themed print through his online store.

Limited to a signed and numbered run of just 5 copies, each screen print is hand-finished with yellow watercolour paint. Priced at just £40.00, these are sure to shift quickly!

The Notwist - Kong

'Kong' is the first new track release from The Notwist in six years! 'Neon Golden' released back in 2002 is a superb album, so needless to say we're a little excited they're back.

The release is accompanied by an animated music video directed by Yu Sato and animated by Tim Divall. Given the UK's recent shit storm of terrible weather the videos content is apt. We see a man trapped by apocalyptic floods, before turning into Kong and battling the mighty water monster!

The track will be featured on the new album 'Close To The Glass' which will be available from February 25th, 2014 via SubPop Records.

Meinardas Valkevicius: RGB

Lithuanian animator and director, at MeinArt animation studio, Meinardas Valkevicius created 'RGB', An unusual animated film that strives to covey a story through simple forms, movements and colours.

CsaK: Comedy Central Valentines Bumps

Check out Csaba Klemen's super cute, hilarious and romantic valentines bumps for Comedy Central.

Our favorite has to be the two milkshakes drinking each other in until they're both the same shade of pink... sweet and freaky!


"At the end of autumn, a binman is gathering dead leaves to give life to the next season."

Bob 2: Whores of Fame Print

Animated Review regular Bob 2 is back with yet another excellent Pink Panther themed print!

This latest risograph edition is called 'Whores of Fame' and is limited to a small run of just 20 signed and numbered copies. Pick one up for £20.00 via the Spraygang online store.

Have a scan back through our previous Bob 2 posts... This man is clearly obsessed with cartoons!

Emanuele Kabu: It's Called Moon

Emanuele Kabu's dream-like, organically fluid, painterly animated short 'It's Called Moon' is reminiscent of Jake Fried's "hand-drawn experimental animation" and equally gorgeous!

We can't wait to see more from Emanuele in this style.

Candice Gordon - Sound Of Horns

Conor Finnegan's animated music video for Candice Gordon's 'Sound of Horns', taken from her debut EP 'Before the Sunset Ends', is TOTALLY incredible.

The process utilises a skin-crawling stop motion effect captured by applying layer after layer of gloopy paint on puppet body parts, before being painstakingly composited in After Effects. Watch the 'Making Of' video for further insight into Conor's wonderful aesthetic, also posted below.

Alexander Gellner: I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This

Produce by Bitteschön.tv for Channel 4's excellent short film showcase Random Acts, this teaser trailer for Alexander Gellner's animated film, 'I Am Glad We Can Be Honest About This', looks particularly weird and enjoyable!


'Equinoxe' is the graduation short from Lycée technique des Arts et Métiers BTS graduates Jeremie Becquer, Djamel Benannoune and Suheb Zako.

A guardian lives on a bride connecting two mysterious worlds. He charges the masked pilgrims huge amounts of gold to cross from one side to the other... until the day he meets a young traveler who can't meet the price!

Sloof's Supershop

Watch 'Sloof's Supershop', the first episode of Ryan Mauskopf's "occasional" animated web series 'Sloof'. It's totally awesome, and we'll be excitedly awaiting episode 2!

"Sloof is a swizzard (wizard/scientist) who runs his own magic shop with the help of his trusty robotic sidekick, Robot."

Rui Pinho: Celebridades Animadas

Portuguese artist Rui Pinho has taken the simple idea of aligning cultural icons with their Disney lookalikes, and produced a series of highly amusing portraits.

Take a look at the rest of the celebrity/animation mash-ups in his 'Celebridades Animadas' Behance project, the amalgamation of Alfred Hitchcock and Casper The Friendly Ghost is classic!

Tree - Stuck Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole

Steve Dabal directed this primarily live-action music video for Tree, and their track 'Stuck Down The Wrong Rabbit Hole' taken from the EP 'Demons'. www.treecollaborations.com

The end sequence, as the character enters the "Rabbit Hole", and the little white rabbit he followed to get there, was all animated by Toronto based Tinman Creative Studios. The result is an interesting mix of live-action and animation!

Mouse On Mars - Cream Theme

Zeitguised animated a series of seizure-inducing promos to accompany the release of 'Spezmodia', the latest limited edition 12" EP from Mouse On Mars.

'Spezmodia' features 20 minutes of psychedelic Happy Hardcore inspired, Gabba reminding club tracks! Each of these five tracks have been paired with equally high-energy visuals, here we've posted the full edit of 'Cream Theme'...

Lauren Jade Kelly: Listen to me Ariel, The Human World is a Mess 'zine

Lauren Jade Kelly is a Fashion Image Making and Styling student at the University of Salford, Manchester. Their latest brief tasked them with creating a themed 'zine-like publication show-casing their own work. A project with no limits or restrictions, allowing the students to effectively tailor their dream photo shoot!

Lauren opted to shoot a selection of images loosely based on a Disney theme, juxtapositioning provocative images of Disney toys and merchandise alongside models wearing knock-off Disney apparel to great effect! The tie-dyed Goofy sport socks are particularly amusing.

The 18pp 'zine is printed on heavy card stock, bound with a black elastic tie and individually hand-embellished with stickers on the cover!

The 'Listen to me Ariel, The Human World is a Mess' 'zine is currently available in Magma Books in Manchester, but can also be ordered by contacting Lauren directly: laurenjadekelly93@gmail.com

William Onyeabor - Atomic Bomb

Nicolai Troshinsky, a Spanish, Russian-born independent animator created this excellent music video for William Onyeabor track 'Atomic Bomb'.

William Onyeabor is a mysterious character from Nigeria... After self-releasing 8 albums between 1978 and 1985, he then became a Born-Again Christian, refusing ever to speak about himself or his music again! His unbelievable music has not been available outside of his home country until last year, when finally a collection of his work was released worldwide.

RipTide - In the Middle of the Night

Amsterdam-based illustrator Stefan Glerum teamed up with animation studio Crooked Line to create this animated music video for DJ and producer RipTide. Crooked Line was responsible for bringing Stefan’s illustrations to life for the first time.

To coincide with the online launch of the video, Stefan Glerum put together an exhibition of works from this project at Kallenbach Gallery in Amsterdam. The show features an extensive amount of original drawings, sketches and prints from this project, which can be viewed until February 24th at the gallery. Many of the prints can also be viewed and purchased online from the Kallenbach online store.

And Maps And Plans: CODA Trailer

And Maps And Plans are a small animation studio based in Dublin. 'CODA' is the latest project from directors Alan Holly and Rory Byrne... It's just started its festival run, but this teaser trailer alone makes it look amazing!

Concorde - Sons

This excellent animated music video for Concorde track 'Sons' appeared online a few weeks ago before being swiftly removed. Although clearly based on Jonny Negron's inimitable style, he wasn't asked permission or even credited upon its release!

Gladly the matter seems to have been resolved and we can finally share this stunning combination of great music and sublime animation!

Packet #19: King of the Hill

'Packet' is published every other week in Brooklyn. Each issues is printed with a Risograph RZ390u and occasionally supplemented with inkjet and laserjet sheets for extra splashes of colour. In addition to the individual bi-weekly 'zines, each season (six issues) are also grouped together and published as a wiro-bound compendium.

This particularly special issue, produced on 15th September 2013, features a collection of work responding to 'King of the Hill' (TV Series 1997-2010). Including contributions from Chris Nosenzo, Lauren Brick, Zoe Juarez, Ian Rousey, Bridget Collins, Elizabeth Farrell, Cynthia Hoffman, Nicole Reber, Eric Wiley, Matt Maher, Megan Rumph, Alis Atwell, Megan Lazaros, Anthony Cudahy, Cait Oppermann, Melissa Ling, Alli Maloney, and Manny Carbajal.


PlusOne: The Circle of Cheese

This has to be one of the most innovative uses of cheese in animation!

Friesland Campina, one of the world’s largest dairy co-operatives, wanted to tell a story about 'The Circle of Cheese' to remind people of its wholesome goodness. As a result, Amsterdam-based, production agency PlusOne were commissioned to put all their Dutch cheese knowledge into this reverse strata-cut animation spot.

As they quickly discovered, animating with cheese is far more complicated that eating it!

Kirsten Lepore: Move Mountain

YES!!! Kirsten Lepore has finally released her phenomenal CalArts graduation short online for all to enjoy!

'Move Mountain' is a beautifully crafted piece of animation addressing illness, perseverance, and our connection to everything around us. The seemingly simplistic lead-character design and parred down narrative belies the films poignant subtleties and the emotional highs and lows the protagonist experiences on her journey.

The most heartwarming scene is the primal-dance sequence, in which Kirsten celebrates her craft alongside her friends. The party sees character contributions from all her independent animation chums, contemporaries and collaborators, including David OReilly, Michael Please, Sara Pocock and Julia Pott!

Bruce Yan: Brand New

Art director & designer Bruce Yan opened his first solo show last Saturday at Gallery 1988 East in Los Angeles.

The show is titled 'Brand New' and features iconic brand logos with a pop-culture/animation twist, alongside a couple of stunning Disney inspired letterpress prints. Most of the prints have already sold out, but a few of the laser-cut and hand-painted originals are still available.

'The Mermaid' (The Little Mermaid/Starbucks)
Letterpress print, limited edition of 40, signed & numbered, $25.00 (unframed)

'Shishi Gami' (Princess Mononoke/John Deere)
Laser-cut and hand-painted board, original, signed, $450.00

'The Bunny' (Bugs Bunny/Playboy)
Laser-cut and hand-painted board, original, signed, $350.00

'Hayao Airlines' (Kiki's Delivery Service/Hawaiian Airlines)
Screen print, limited edition of 50, signed & numbered, $45.00 (unframed)

'Regular Blue Jay' (Regular Show/Toronto Blue Jays)
Letterpress print, limited edition of 40, signed & numbered, $30.00 (unframed)

'Ghibli Scouts' (Princess Mononoke/Girls Scouts of America)
Laser-cut and hand-painted board, original, signed, $550.00

Sculpture - Plastic Infinite

We love zoetropic picture discs and have already featured a few on the Animated Review, including the recent music video for SOUR, the 2012 RSD Kate Bush 10", and Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs' hand-painted zoetrope-esq vinyl records.

'Plastic Infinite' is a 7" animated picture disc by Sculpture, a collaboration between Dan Hayhurst (media devices, electronic instruments) & Reuben Sutherland (video zoetrope turntable, animation, optix), which creates the illusion of movement when spun under strobe light or filmed at 25fps.

Unsurprisingly the first pressing of this limited picture disc sold out almost immediately, but you can still purchase the digital download and express an interest in a second pressing, which will presumably happen if demand is high enough, through their Bandcamp page.

Tom Rosenthal - I Like It When You're Gone

RCA animation student Rosanna Wan made this gorgeous music video for Tom Rosenthal, and his track 'I Like It When You're Gone.'

The track is taken from Tom's new album, 'Who's That In The Fog?', which is available on CD or as digital download now.

Sepia Tones - Honey

Lars C Larsen directed this stop motion short featuring a one-eyed sasquatch on it's wild, rockin' mushroom adventure!

Set to the music of Sepia Tones, and their track 'Honey', the film is intended as an introduction to the fuzzy creature, and will hopefully go towards raising some funds towards further tripped-out adventures.