Packet #19: King of the Hill

'Packet' is published every other week in Brooklyn. Each issues is printed with a Risograph RZ390u and occasionally supplemented with inkjet and laserjet sheets for extra splashes of colour. In addition to the individual bi-weekly 'zines, each season (six issues) are also grouped together and published as a wiro-bound compendium.

This particularly special issue, produced on 15th September 2013, features a collection of work responding to 'King of the Hill' (TV Series 1997-2010). Including contributions from Chris Nosenzo, Lauren Brick, Zoe Juarez, Ian Rousey, Bridget Collins, Elizabeth Farrell, Cynthia Hoffman, Nicole Reber, Eric Wiley, Matt Maher, Megan Rumph, Alis Atwell, Megan Lazaros, Anthony Cudahy, Cait Oppermann, Melissa Ling, Alli Maloney, and Manny Carbajal.


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