Sculpture - Plastic Infinite

We love zoetropic picture discs and have already featured a few on the Animated Review, including the recent music video for SOUR, the 2012 RSD Kate Bush 10", and Kottarashky & The Rain Dogs' hand-painted zoetrope-esq vinyl records.

'Plastic Infinite' is a 7" animated picture disc by Sculpture, a collaboration between Dan Hayhurst (media devices, electronic instruments) & Reuben Sutherland (video zoetrope turntable, animation, optix), which creates the illusion of movement when spun under strobe light or filmed at 25fps.

Unsurprisingly the first pressing of this limited picture disc sold out almost immediately, but you can still purchase the digital download and express an interest in a second pressing, which will presumably happen if demand is high enough, through their Bandcamp page.