Ash Davies: Worst Zine Ever

Professional tattooist Ash Davies has just released the 'Worst 'Zine Ever'! Unlike the Comic Book Guy quote used for the title might suggest, this is possibly the best Simpsons tribute 'zine ever conceived.

The 'zine is bursting with 50 A5 pages of original artwork, photos, illustrations and tattoos… but don't expect any references past around season 12. Alongside Ash's own work their are also contributions by Billy Hay, Brad T, Gavin Rose, Fil, Mark Ford, Marcus McGuire, Marcos Attlewood, Nick Baldwin and Swambo. As an additional bonus each 'zine includes a sticker sheet of Simpsony goodness!

Pictured here is the deluxe pre-order edition which also included... A hand-made dust jacket crafted from some bootleg Simpsons fabric, a print featuring a Cerberus version of Santa's Little Helper and a one of a kind mini-painting. The standard edition, which includes just the 'zine and sticker sheet, is priced £20.00 and available now via:

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