Do The Art Man

As part of the OFFSET 2014 series of events, Hendrons Collider hosted a three day exhibition of Simpsons themed multi-disciplinary masterpieces by the likes of Mick Minogue, Steve McCarthy, Mark Wickham, Fatti Burke, Rob Summons, Robert Ickis Mirolo, Saoirse Wall, Geoff Ryan, Cyan Ryan, Hollie Flood and others!

'Do The Art Man' featured a wide variety of pieces, with each artist choosing their own muse from the shows long running history. Mick Minogue put a 'Lost in Translation' spin on the Gummi De Milo from the episode 'Homer Badman', Paddy Dunne's re-interpretation of Goya's 'Saturn Devouring His Son' features Bart and his evil clown bed from the episode 'Lisa's First Word' and one artist contributed a series of photographs of Simpsons graffiti including the recent spate of Hank Scorpio stickers that have been cropping up across Dublin.

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