The Coward - Statues

The Jullien Brother, Nicolas and Jean Jullien, are two French multidisciplinary artists whose body of work spans direction, graphic design, illustration, animation, installation, music and more!

Whilst the brothers have often collaborated on a number of projects, Jean, a graphic design graduate from Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art, has a huge following a designer & illustrator, whilst Nicolas has found success with his electronic music, having previously released work under the name Niwouinwouin. Together they've forged a quite unique and formidable output of wacky greatness!

The latest Jullien Brother project is the perfect manifestation of their combined individual talents. This, pretty smutty but perfectly subtle, music video for The Coward (Nicolas' new musical project) is accompanied by Jean's instantly recognisable illustrative style.

Enjoy the video and buy the album: The Coward

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