Tim Romanowsky: BOWOB

German artist, illustrator and animator Tim Romanowsky has just released his fantastic 2013 animated short 'BOWOB' online.

"A House, a box and a weird world! A black hairy creature finds a strange box somewhere in its boring place. It starts a game and suddenly everything's changed… a new world full of absurd scenes and creatures arise."

Tim's unique aesthetic is achieved through painterly 2D animation applied to a mix of flat and three dimensional elements, all seamlessly and fluidly combined. Tim also used this style to great effect in his 2010 animated short 'Peanuts', a graphic re-imagining of a 1929 Ub Iwerks short.

Tim Romanowsky also forms one third of the illustration collective Zyklop. The Animated Review recently featured their mini-zine tribute to SpongeBob SquarePants! Take a look: Zyklop: SpongeBob Mini Zine

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