Bob 2: Panther (End Version) Print

This is the forth and possibly final colour variant of Bob 2's classic 'Cider Panther' image. The illustration of Pink Panther, relaxing in his leopard print thong whilst enjoying a smoke and a 2ltr bottle of White Lightning, has previously appeared as 'Original', 'Gold' and the green 'Feeling Off Colour' variants.

Whilst the green 'Feeling Off Colour' variant was inspired by the classic 'Pink Punch' episode from 1966, perhaps this new 'blue' interpretation was influenced by the 'Pickled Pink' episode, in which Pinky is turned blue in the fridge!

The two colour Risograph print is limited to an edition of 20 signed and number copies and available now via the Spray Gang online store for just £25 plus shipping.

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