Beat Detectives - Fresh Out The Pack

Follow the anarchic exploits of a naked CGI Bart Simpson in the inexplicably enjoyable animated music video for Minneapolis three-piece the Beat Detectives, and their new track 'Fresh Out The Pack'. The track is taken from their new limited edition cassette album titled 'ASSCOP', released on 1080p and available now.

The music video, animated by Nic Wilson in a crude early 90s GC style, sees a nude, and weirdly shiny, Bart Simpson lie in the grass, sit in an office, smash a glass table, run himself over in his own sports car and ultimately set himself alight!

Ladi6 - Hold Tight

New Zealand based freelance designer, director and animator Parallel Teeth (aka Rob Wallace) teamed up with fellow Kiwi Luke Toth on this great animated music video, created for Ladi6 and their track, 'Hold Tight'.

Joel Kefali: Baba

Joel Kefali created this gorgeous animated documentary short, illustrating the memories of a Turkish refugee in New Zealand, for Loading Docs.


"Back in the early 1990s, when anime was still called “Japanimation” and 'The Simpsons' still featured Phil Hartman, no one could have conceived of 'Bartkira'. Yet 23 years later, in Neo-Britain, artist Ryan Humphrey gave life to the unimaginable. His original pages for the mind-bending crossover-comic ignited a fire in the mind of comic artist James Harvey, who proposed the impossible: to redraw in its entirety, Otomo's 2146 page epic 'Akira' with Simpsons characters! It has taken 768 artists, each contributing five pages, to redraw the full six volumes of Katsuhiro Otomo’s masterwork. A monumental group comic project unlike any other inspired working illustrators, comics professionals, and even some who had never drawn a comic in their lives!"

In celebration of its near completion Floating World Comics recently hosted an exhibition showcasing some of the project’s original artwork in a special gallery space, and also released a 96-page exhibition book, including 80 page preview of the project, as well as 16 full-colour gallery pages.

The 'Bartkira' exhibition catalogue is exclusively available via Floating World Comics:

We've got our fingers crossed that one day we'll see 'Bartkira' published in its entirety, assuming Groening and Otomo would grant such permission, but truth be told, this exhibition catalogue might be your only opportunity to grab a fragment of this mammoth project in physical print. Whilst we're waiting, there is a plan to published every page sequentially online, starting this summer. Keep an eye on for future developments.

The two original 'Bartkira' 'zines illustrated by Ryan Humphrey, that sparked this entire project, are still available to purchase directly from Ryan's online store:

Motionpoems: Wayne The Stegosaurus

'Wayne The Stegosaurus' was animated by Mill artists Aran Quinn and Jeff Dates. Wayne is a dimwitted Stegosaurus who thinks he's called Bob, his very, very, very tiny brain prevents him from understanding even the simplest of things! The team selected the piece by Children's Poet Laureate Kenn Nesbitt to adapt for the 5th season of Motionpoems, a non-profit organisation bringing poets and filmmakers together to create wonderfully inspired short films.

Harvey Herman: Redevelopment

Graphic designer, illustrator and animator Harvey Herman has released a new animated fragment, titled 'Redevelopment'. The collaged-esque short sees elements of a cities infrastructure, from roadways to street lights, realign themselves in perfect harmony with the films electronic score.

We Think Things: Travelling Lights

The concept for 'Travelling Lights' came to We Think Things whilst toying with simple geometric objects whilst developing a logo design. The idea of combining simple shapes and them creating a completely new context, simply by excluding the intersecting shapes, seemed to be appropriate for a minimalistic animated short.

Graffiti B'art Simpson Zine

We're pleased to announce the publication of our new 'zine, titled 'Graffiti B'art Simpson - (tags from the first two and a half-ish seasons)', produced in collaboration with Henry Press.

Following on from our Animated Review Issue #01 and 'Smear Portraiture' 'zines we bring you the first in a series of mini 'zines compiling the graffiti of Springfield's infamous El Barto! These simple collections of screenshots document Bart Simpsons graffiti tags and street art from the first two and a half-ish seasons of 'The Simpsons'. Subsequent volumes will follow, in which we'll continue to catalogue El Barto's prolonged vandalisation of Springfield! 

- Limited edition hand-made beak booklet
- Hand numbered edition of 50
- 8 print pages plus fold out poster image
- Published by Animated Review & Henry Press
- Price £3.00

Available though both the Animated Review and Henry Press online stores.

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Basement Jaxx - Unicorn

Tomek Ducki created these wonderfully psychedelic zany animated visuals to accompany the track 'Unicorn' by Basement Jaxx. 'Unicorn' is the first track to be taken from their upcoming LP 'Junto', and their first release in nearly five years!

A Crow Is White - Fake! Fake!

Wataru Uekusa directed this manic, yet strangely cute, animated music video for A Crow Is White track 'Fake! Fake!'

'Fake! Fake!' is taken from their second mini-album, titled 'Speed Of Sound Merry-Go-Round', which is due for release in early June, 2014.

Tyler Hurd: BUTTS

"'BUTTS' is a profound 3D animated cartoon about anxiety, depression, and lending a hand to those in need. Perhaps the most important film of the decade, 'BUTTS' is a reminder that no matter how strange something may seem, people can still make a difference in their own unique and beautiful way." Tyler Hurd

Drop Dead: Itchy & Scratchy

Drop Dead will be launching their Itchy & Scratchy' capsule collection on the 31st of May exclusively in their London store. The collection will filter through to their Sheffield branch and online store by the 2nd of June.

“Growing up watching The Simpsons, working together on this project was a no-brainer... The dark humour in Itchy & Scratchy can already be seen in Drop Dead designs past and present.” Oli Sykes, founder of Drop Dead.

CRCR: The Punk One

CRCR animated a sensual and romantic bump for Fox Sports 1 last valentines day, their follow up is a much more aggressive and downright violent punk affair!

Jake Fried: Headspace

'Headspace' is the latest in Jake Fried's impressive series of "hand-drawn experimental animations" utilising ink, gouache, white-out and coffee in their composition.

Quibe: Studio Ghibli Prints

French graphic designer and illustrator Quibe is a master of minimal experimentation and one-line drawing, perfectly capturing pop-culture icons from film and television in a single stroke!

Here we've selected some of his Studio Ghibli inspired images, but take a look at his website to have a closer look at other icons of animation among his striking artworks.

All of Quibes' illustrations are available as a variety of products through his Society 6 online store.

James - Moving On

Whilst we dislike the indie Britpop spun out by James, which is probably due to growing up in Manchester and being subjected to at least one of their naff songs on almost every single night out we've ever had, this new music video from BAFTA award winning animator Ainslie Henderson is undeniably amazing!

'Moving On', the first single from the new James album 'La Petite Mort', is accompanied by an emotionally charged piece of stop-motion animation in which we see the twine figures unravel into death.

Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2014

Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2014

Paperback: 256 pages & DVD
Publisher: BNN Inc. (Apr 2014)
Language: Japanese/English
ISBN-13: 978-4-861-009-174

'Japanese Motion Graphic Creators 2014' is the ninth volume in BNN's annual showcase of the latest Japanese motion graphic talents. As usual the book collects the latest projects from 100 plus Japanese motion graphic creatives with work ranging from hand-drawn to CG, character narratives to abstract compositions, animated fragments to feature length movie production and everything in-between.

Xiu Xiu - Botanica de Los Angeles

Florent Textier, a graphic designer from France, has animated this incredible music video for 'Botanica de Los Angeles' by experimental post-punk group Xiu Xiu. The animation is a strange amalgamation of collaged cut-outs, staticy backgrounds, graphic illustration and pops of colour... all perfectly harmonious with Xiu Xiu's dark, grainy, demented art-rock!

The Animation Workshop: Short Short

Groups of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop were tasked with creating animated shorts to specific guidelines. Each team was assigned a quote, mood/emotion, style guide, a random element and a target audience. Below we've posted a handful of our favourites...

'Super Souper' by Mario S. Grosu, Maximilian Lund, Matilde Søltoft, Tazio Coolidge, Julie H. Baltzer & Anki Immersköld 

'Out Of Tune' by Robert Allen, Tobias Larson, Lasse Steinbeck, Emile Gignoux, Trine Thulstrup, Ida Marie Sondergaard & Sigurd Maltha 

'The Secret Life Of Bugs' by Anne Prip, Mik Kirchheiner, Nicole Fortes, Lena Ólaffsdóttir, Kristian Olesen & Anna Nissen

Peepshow Collective: Living On A Farm

Adrian Johnson's charming illustration has been brought to life by the Peepshow Collective in this animated musical sequence for Yo Gabba Gabba. 'Living On A Farm', which is set to the music of The High Llamas, takes us on a brightly-coloured, psychedelic, agricultural tour of a farm populated by uber-cool shade-wearing livestock!

Brett Underhill: Robert Mitchum

Brett Underhill takes an animated tour of Robert Mitchum's film career highlights...

Forest - Just One Day

Johnny Kelly animated this hand-drawn music video for Swedish band Forest and their track 'Just One Day', taken from their new self-title album.  

The simple line drawing aesthetic is somewhat reminiscent of Geoff McFetridges' animated music videos for the Whitest Boy Alive and equally stunning!

Ed Cheverton: Kaneda T-Shirt

Ed Cheverton has created this charming homage to the legendary 'Akira' on behalf of Boy Parker, and their in-store own brand t-shirt label The Illustrated Mind. The T-shirt features Kaneda drawn in E'd distinctive style, with a large bulbous head and tiny facial features!

The 'Kenade' T-shirt is available via The Illustrated Mind online store for just £25,00.

Ghostpatrol: Ulysses 31 Is The Screensaver Of My Mind 'Zine

Ghostpatrol is an artist working and living in Melbourne with a diverse practice that spans printmaking, drawing, street art, sculpture and other multimedia experimentation. Much of his work is influenced by the cartoons he watched growing up... Check out the Akira 'Kaneda' print we posed last year.

Recently Ghostpatrol was invited by Ofr Books to contribute to an opening exhibition for their new store in Tokyo. He created these watercolour-painted paper dolls of Esteban, Zia and Tao from 'The Mysterious Cities Of Gold', and seized the opportunity to self-publish 'Ulysses 31 Is The Screensaver Of My Mind', an illustrated tribute to his favourite 70s/80s anime from collaborative French and Japanese studios.

The 'zine includes a small introduction written in English, French and Japanese, followed by Ghostpatrol's interpretations of characters from 'Ulysses 31', 'Mysterious Cities Of Gold', 'Battle Of The Planets', 'Belle & Sebastian' and more!

The 'Ulysses 31 Is The Screensaver Of My Mind' 'zine is available in limited edition run from Ghostpatrol's online store.

Olesya Shchukina: The Elephant and The Bicycle (Teaser Trailer)

Look at this super cute teaser trailer for Olesya Shchukina's latest paper-cut animated short 'The Elephant and The Bicycle'. We love Olesya's gorgeous picture book style and can't wait to see the finished film.

Conor Finnegan: Life Begins At Breakfast

Conor Finnegan has carried over the style of his 'Fear of Flying' short, which is mostly puppetry with some 2D animation tweaks, to a new advert for Dorset Cereals'.

The 'Life Begins at Breakfast' message uses Conor's cute animal characters, lovingly crafted in 100% organic lambs wool by model-maker Jessica Dance, to build on the emotional connection between customers and the brand and reinforce how important breakfast is to starting the day.

Metronomy - Reservoir

Metronomy‘s astounding new music video for 'Reservoir', taken from their most recent album 'Love Letters', is an animated nostalgia trip. Taking us back to hours spent colouring-in and cartoons of our youth, like 'Roobarb And Custard'.

Directed by Daniel Brereton and animated by Matt Lloyd the video was painstakingly crafted, with each frame hand-drawn and coloured with felt-tip pens. The effective homemade simplicity of the animation is the perfect accompaniment to Metronomy's pop electronic music and the genius visual creativity they continue to pair themselves with.

Yellow Fever - Simpsons Zine

Hermano Rata Edicions is a Spanish small press run by Joaquín Guirao. Joaquín primarily publishes his own comics, but occasionally collaborates with like-minded illustrators in curating and editing themed 'zines. 

'Yellow Fever', the latest of these collaborative compendiums, is a tribute to 'The Simpsons' and features a huge variety of Simpsons-themed artworks, illustrations and comic strips. After its release at the Gutter Fest 'zine fair in Barcelona this weekend (9th & 10th May, 2014), 'Yellow Fever' will then be available direct from Joaquín:

'Yellow Fever' features contributions from: Nacho García, Joaquín Aldeguer, Jordi Marquina, José Tomás, Conxita Herrero, Roberto Massó, Amigo Wedro, Cankente, Andrés Tena, Frank Sythe, Félix Gómez de Merodio, Marcos Montoya, Pablo Ríos, Oscar Riquelme, Daniel Tudelilla, Choche Ezequiel Hurtado, Marc M. Gustá, Daniel Tena, Timoneda, Vicente Patiño, Antoine Le Viril, Jehf, M.A, Akira Sanz, Pablo Baraona, Jane Doe, Gabi, El Otro Samu and Romano.

Guldies: Euphoria

Guldies is a Swedish sculptor who dabbles in his unbelievably sophisticated and incredible stop-motion animation as a mere hobby!

His latest film, titled 'Euphoria', is a real labour of love having taken 400-600 hours of solid work, as a result it is clearly Guldies' most ambitious short to date. The piece combines an intriguing blend of sculptural set-pieces and surreal claymation characters, owing much to the work of Jan Svankmajer.

Luca Tóth: Same Old, Same Old...

Luca Tóth has animated a new and surreal short film for Fakt 13.

'Same Old, Same Old...' features "Two minutes and 48 seconds of pure frustration." I'm not sure about you, but Luca's jarring colour-palette, distinctive style and grotesque imagery isn't exactly typical of our "same old" routine. When was the last time you saw a man in bondage gear and a cow out on a date!?

Andy Martin: I Am A...

Andy Martin animated 'I Am A...', a short but sweet loop containing a superb combination of stop-motion and 2-D detailing, for the 'Pictoplasma Portrait Exhibition' in Berlin, May 2014.

"You sit down to have your portrait painted, but who are you? What is the image you want to project? How will the artist manipulate it? Are you a rabbit? You might be a vampire! You're probably a duck..."

Vampillia - Ice Fist & Mirror Mirror

ONIONSKIN are without doubt one of our favourite independent Japanese animation studios. Specialising in animated music videos, here are two more excellent collaborations with intense pop-orchestra, Vampillia.

The video for 'Ice Fist' features a hellish sequence of decapitation, face-melting, ape-slapping and vomiting, whilst 'Mirror Mirror' contains a bizarre mix of beautiful flowers and exploding heads!

Elliot Schultz: Embroidered Zoetropes

Elliot Schultz created this series of embroidered phonotrope discs as an installation project in order to encourage viewers to engage with animation physically.

Six slipmats were created, each with a different animated sequence embroidered onto the surface. Designed to be played on a standard turntable, the illusion of movement is activated when a strobe light illuminates the discs in sync with the embroidered frames of animation.

Visitors to the installation were encouraged to interact with the turntables and discs. A set of additional discs were on display and could be un-packaged and played.

Dan Britt: I Decided To Leave

Daniel Britt (of the THIS IS IT collective) animated the superb 'I Decided To Leave' for Channel 4's excellent short film showcase Random Acts.

"It was 9:54 when I decided to leave..."

Tony Unser: S L E E P

Tony Unser's Calarts film 'S L E E P' sees a girl fall into her own surreal dream-like subconscious after taking an overdose...

Taylor Price: Cycle

Animated with Prismacolor markers, Taylor Price's 4th year Calarts film depicts the circle of life within nature.

Never have we seen a decomposing fox animated so beautifully...

Matt Crabe: Take Me Homer Zine

Matt Crabe (aka Heaven's Favorite Man) has hand-crafted a new zine publication, this time themed around the lovable Homer Simpson!

The 5.5" x 5.5" zine features 20 mutated and bizarre portraits of the world favourite animated everyman and a unique hand-painted acetate cover. Each zine is assembled with care for the pleasure of modern age Homer fetishists!

'Take Me Homer' is available now through Matt's online store, for just $4.00.