Graffiti B'art Simpson Zine

We're pleased to announce the publication of our new 'zine, titled 'Graffiti B'art Simpson - (tags from the first two and a half-ish seasons)', produced in collaboration with Henry Press.

Following on from our Animated Review Issue #01 and 'Smear Portraiture' 'zines we bring you the first in a series of mini 'zines compiling the graffiti of Springfield's infamous El Barto! These simple collections of screenshots document Bart Simpsons graffiti tags and street art from the first two and a half-ish seasons of 'The Simpsons'. Subsequent volumes will follow, in which we'll continue to catalogue El Barto's prolonged vandalisation of Springfield! 

- Limited edition hand-made beak booklet
- Hand numbered edition of 50
- 8 print pages plus fold out poster image
- Published by Animated Review & Henry Press
- Price £3.00

Available though both the Animated Review and Henry Press online stores.

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