The Animation Workshop: Short Short

Groups of 1st year Character Animators and CG Artists at The Animation Workshop were tasked with creating animated shorts to specific guidelines. Each team was assigned a quote, mood/emotion, style guide, a random element and a target audience. Below we've posted a handful of our favourites...

'Super Souper' by Mario S. Grosu, Maximilian Lund, Matilde Søltoft, Tazio Coolidge, Julie H. Baltzer & Anki Immersköld 

'Out Of Tune' by Robert Allen, Tobias Larson, Lasse Steinbeck, Emile Gignoux, Trine Thulstrup, Ida Marie Sondergaard & Sigurd Maltha 

'The Secret Life Of Bugs' by Anne Prip, Mik Kirchheiner, Nicole Fortes, Lena Ólaffsdóttir, Kristian Olesen & Anna Nissen

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