Yellow Fever - Simpsons Zine

Hermano Rata Edicions is a Spanish small press run by Joaquín Guirao. Joaquín primarily publishes his own comics, but occasionally collaborates with like-minded illustrators in curating and editing themed 'zines. 

'Yellow Fever', the latest of these collaborative compendiums, is a tribute to 'The Simpsons' and features a huge variety of Simpsons-themed artworks, illustrations and comic strips. After its release at the Gutter Fest 'zine fair in Barcelona this weekend (9th & 10th May, 2014), 'Yellow Fever' will then be available direct from Joaquín:

'Yellow Fever' features contributions from: Nacho García, Joaquín Aldeguer, Jordi Marquina, José Tomás, Conxita Herrero, Roberto Massó, Amigo Wedro, Cankente, Andrés Tena, Frank Sythe, Félix Gómez de Merodio, Marcos Montoya, Pablo Ríos, Oscar Riquelme, Daniel Tudelilla, Choche Ezequiel Hurtado, Marc M. Gustá, Daniel Tena, Timoneda, Vicente Patiño, Antoine Le Viril, Jehf, M.A, Akira Sanz, Pablo Baraona, Jane Doe, Gabi, El Otro Samu and Romano.

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