Disney Unhappily Ever After

Animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong re-imagines those "happily ever after" fairy tale endings to Disney classics, exploring a darker fate of many beloved heroes and heroines if they faced the conditions of the real world.

Hong, who started his career working on classic Disney titles like Hercules, Mulan, and Tarzan to name a few, juxtaposes the fantasy world in which the characters exist, with real life issues such as pollution, deforestation, drugs abuse, racism, and other political, economic, social and environmental problems that plague the world today.

The 'Disney Unhappily Ever After' series sees Ariel crawling ashore caked in effluence from an oil-contaminated sea, Winnie The Pooh losing a few acres of the '100 acre woods' to deforestation and Belle resorting to cosmetic surgery!

Check out Hong’s Tumblr for updates on the series.

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