Jesse Moynihan: Manly

Frederator's Cartoon Hangover presents a new cartoon, 'Manly' by Jesse Moynihan ('Adventure Time', 'Forming') and his brother Justin! If this initial episode receives enough positive interest it will be continued into a full web series, like previous Cartoon Hangover success stories 'Bravest Warriors' and 'Bee And PuppyCat.'

"Manly is sent on a mission to save her brother and gain the approval of her father, who happens to be the emperor god of the universe (and kind of a jerk)."

This first episode is brilliantly confusing, only hinting at a universe of absurdist, supernatural, sci-fi, mythological depth, akin to Moynihan's epic and on-going serialised web-comic 'Forming'. We have to see more of this made... It's only going to get better with each additional episode! Head over to Cartoon Hangover and show 'Manly' some love!

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