Johnny Ryan: Prison Pit Trailer

Johnny Ryan's fascination with WWE wrestling, grindhouse cinema, first-person action video games, Gary Panter's Jimbo comics and Kentaro Miura's 'Berserk' manga culminated in the creation of the 'Prison Pit' series of books, a brutal and often hilarious showcase of comic violence!

The first volume of 'Prison Pit', featuring Cannibal Fuckface, Jizzra, Rabies Bloodbath, Rottweiler Herpes and the Prison Guards kicking the shit out of each other, is finally being adapted into an animated short by Rug Burn, an animation channel on YouTube founded by Titmouse & Six Point Harness.

You can pre-order a digital download of 'Prison Pit - Volume One' now. A limited edition DVD and T-shirt option is also available for pre-order, with 50% of the proceed going towards animating more 'Prison Pit!' The successful completion of the 5-book 'Prison Pit' series would flow together like a full-length feature film!

Watch the trailer:

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