Mikey Please: Marilyn Myller

After a hugely successful festival run Mikey Please's 'Marilyn Myller' has finally made it's online debut. Presented by Parabella, a studio based in east London with a love for story telling and beautifully crafted animation, recently founded by Mikey and fellow RCA graduate Dan Ojari.

The film retains the intricate white foam stop-motion modeling, as seen in Mikey's acclaimed short 'The Eagleman Stag' and the TV On The Radio 'Second Song' MV, which is quickly becoming Please’s trademark style.

"Marilyn maketh and marilyn taketh awateth. Marilyn is trying really had to create something good. For once, her expectation and reality are going to align. It will be epic, it will be tear jerkingly profound, it will be perfect. Nothing can go wrong."

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