Plurabelle - Our Fires

This incredible pixelated music video, animated by Mattis Dovier, looks like it has been lifted directly from the darkest recesses of Ceefax!

The ominous visuals, inspired by Maruo Suehiro's grotesque-erotic underground Manga, B-movies, John Carpenter and illustrator Charles Burns, include a ritualistic ceremony, mystical symbols and skin-crawling possession... All symbolic of the transition into adulthood!

This unnerving animation wonderfully complements the dark foreboding tone set by Plurabelle, and their new track 'Our Fires.'

’Our Fires’ is taken from the 'Phantom Pyramid' LP, out June 16th on Stellar Kinematics. Digital LP and/or Vinyl LP Limited to 300 copies: Plurabelle - Phantom Pyramid


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