Wednesday Collective: July

Like the cheesy narrative of some 1980s action movie, this wicked animated short from the Wednesday Collective see two adversaries team up to defeat a new enemy... except it's children racing each other in a water park!

Benjamin Wright: Turtle Fighters Badges

Artist and illustrator Benjamin Wright has made his 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' inspired 'Turtle Fighters' hand-made badges available through his online store. Usually reserved for 'zine fairs and independent publishing events, Ben has produced over 200 different mutations of eye-mask colour, skin tone and facial expression!

The badges are laser-cut sustainable plywood, individually and painstakingly hand-painted, and finished with a quick fastening brooch pin. Due to their unique nature you can only specify the eye-mask colour-way with your order... The badges are selected at random so yours will differ slightly from the ones shown.

You can purchase a single 'Turtle Fighters' badge for £4.00, or pick up the entire team for a discounted rate of £12.00!

Also look out for the Benjamin Wright & Isaac Lenkiewicz collaborative 'Turtle Fighters' comic, due to be released for sale online soon.

Mittie Paul: Neon Genesis Evangelion 'Zine

Illustrator and comic book artist Mittie Paul has released a Neon Genesis Evangelion 'zine, titled 'Blood Type Blue.'

The 17 page fanzine features illustrations of all the angels from the seminal 90s mecha anime, each one rendered in a different art/inking style... with a central spread which folds out into an impressive 17" panoramic image of 10th angel Sahaquiel! The 8x5" hand-finished publication also boasts a die cut cover and an "emergency" velcro clasp belly band!

'Blood Type Blue' is available in extremely limited numbers from Mittie's online store now, priced $8.00

Manabu Himeda: Shall We Dance With Octopustume?

Oddball musician and animator Manabu Himeda has released a new track called 'Shall We Dance With Octopustume?' along with an equally wild music video.

The beautifully rendered painterly animation depicts the tentacle entwined romantic liaison between a man dressed as a squid and a woman dressed as an octopus!

Shuggies Sweet Revenge: Shelbyville T-shirt

Shuggies Sweet Revenge have released a T-shirt and tote bag featuring some fabricated Shelbyvillians!

Shelbyville is the cousin-marrying town next to, and somewhat similar to, Springfield... The Shelbyville inhabitants we do actually encounter in various episodes are visually and characteristically similar to those we know and love from Springfield. Similarly the Shuggies Sweet Revenge illustrations take two well known Simpsons characters and smash them together to create a bizarre, yet strangely familiar, new populace for Shelbyville.

The black & white variant T-shirt is available for $45.00, whilst the hand-painted, made-to-order, colour variants are $75.00. The black & white tote is $25.00, stretching to $45.00 for a hand-painted edition. Check out the Shuggies Sweet Revenge online store for sizes and availability.

Damien Colboc: Away

Damien Colboc's animated fable, titled 'Away', sees a man and his two wild companions in search of a mystical bear idol. The man seeks to free his son from a curse which has transformed him into a bear, but in turn sacrifices himself to the same fate...

Jacob Stead: Fuochi Fatui Festival

Leeds-based freelance illustrator Jacob Stead, whose client list includes The New York Times, Anorak, The Ride Journal, Bone Shaker and Oh Comely, has turned his hand to animation for the first time.

Jacob created this madness-themed looping animation for Fuochi Fatui Festival, Italy (4th-6th September 2014). It will be projected directly onto the castle walls in the park of the Castello di Albino, Feltre.

Leonard Peng: Simpsons Zine

Leonard Peng recently contributed a wonderfully stylised 'Simpsons' tribute 'zine, titled 'Eat My Shorts', for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Leonard's 'zine pays homage to some of the most memorable and iconic Simpsons moments, rendered in his own inimitable style. With scenes like Homer getting stuck in a waterslide, Bart's "MOTH.." tattoo, and Mr. Burns being mistaken for an alien, it's no wonder 'The Simpsons' has remained Leonard's favourite show since he was six years old!

Eat My Shorts 'Zine - Year 1989
Paperback: 8 pages, 5.5"x8.5"in
Materials: Laser printed on photocopy paper.
Price: $3.00

Marisabel Fernandez & Alexander Bernard: Listen

Ringling College of Art and Design graduates Marisabel Fernandez & Alexander Bernard animated this inspired interpretation of child's struggle with Autism.

"Autism is the one of the highest growing serious developmental disabilities today. Our wish with this piece is to give a glimpse into the lives of children living with Autism and, in any way we can, to inspire positive change through a deeper tolerance and understanding."

Kijek/Adamski: Curtain University

Polish animation duo Katarzyna Kijek and Przemysław Adamsk have revisited their brightly coloured reverse strata-cut style of animation, pioneered in their Shugo Tokumaru music video, in this spot for Curtain University.

Also check out the making of video for a fascinating insight into the process.

Masanobu Hiraoka: In The Sea And Near A Girl

Japanese animator and director Masanobu Hiraoka has appeared several times on the Animated Review with his signature style of hypnotically fluid animation.

This new piece, titled 'In The Sea And Near A Girl', is his second collaboration with Spanish composer Aimar Molero.

Matt Rockefeller: Pokémon Zine

Matt Rockefeller recently contributed a densely illustrated 'Pokémon' tribute 'zine, titled 'The Poké Life', for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Matt's 'zine recollects the year Pokémon took the world by storm... The game captured the imagination of millions, and Matt was clearly swept-up in it's adorable and addictive appeal. The cover alone features all 151 original Pokémon illustrated from memory, whilst the internal spreads, gorgeously rendered in red and blue (another nod to the original Pokémon video games), depict real-world environments in which even the people and objects appear to take on the likeness of these charming creatures. Hidden within the illustrations are 95 Pokémon to spot... challenge yourself to find 'em all!

The Poké Life 'Zine - Year 1996
Paperback: 12 pages, 8"x5.25"in
Materials: Laser printed, cardstock cover.
Price: $8.00

Khylin Woodrow: Adult Swim

Another ident bump for Adult Swim...

This sexy, selfie snapping, sunseeker by Khylin Woodrow is a superlative piece of slick animation!

CRCR: Adult Swim

Following on from the Adult Swim ident by David O'Reilly, comes this pair of wacky idents from French animation studio CRCR...

Vanessa Port: Adventure Time Zine

Vanessa Port recently contributed an 'Adventure Time' tribute 'zine, titled 'I'm Not A Knight, I'm A Boy', for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Vanessa's 'zine commemorates her transition from a highschool graduate to a college freshman in 2010. She struggled with holding onto her childhood whilst also trying to mature, then 'Adventure Time' came along! The show tapped into her nostalgia, whilst the humour appealed to the older person she'd become... It helped her connect with others that felt the same way.

The wonderful and brightly coloured illustrations, paired with quotes from the show, depict a spectrum of 'Adventure Time' characters:

Red - Princess Bubblegum & Marceline
Orange - Flame Princess
Yellow - Finn & Jake
Green - Tree Trunks
Blue - Ice King & Gunter
Indigo - Lumpy Space Princess
Violet - Lady Rainicorn

I'm Not A Knight. I'm A Boy 'Zine - Year 2010
Paperback: 14 pages, 5.5"x8.5"in
Materials: Digital illustrations on textured linen paper.
Additional Info: Signed edition of 75
Price: $3.00

Cyriak Harris: Malfunction

A new Cyriak Harris animation has "crawled out from some dark corner of his computer after evolving from the virtual maggots that feast on rotting film footage."

The short, titled 'Malfunction, sees a looped cycle of vintage footage, which grows increasingly disturbing with each pass.

David O'Reilly: Adult Swim

A short film about 'Childhood' directed by David O'Reilly for Adult Swim...

Bill Callahan - Javelin Unlanding

Bill Callahan's film-maker wife Hanly Banks, who also directed the 2011 Bill Callahan 'Apocalypse: A Tour Documentary', created this new animated music video, which shows Bill as a planet drifting through the emptiness of space in search of a female planet lost in the vast universe.

The charmingly simple stop-motion and vintage style, reminiscent of Georges Méliès' 1902 silent classic 'Le Voyage dans la Lune', is the perfect visual accompaniment to 'Javelin Unlanding.'

Junyi Wu: Studio Ghibli Tribute Zine

Junyi Wu recently contributed an illustrative 'Studio Ghibli Tribute 'Zine' for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Junyi's 'zine commemorates the launch of Studio Ghibli in 1985... Her exquisite drawings depict various iconic characters from Ghibli films throughout the studio's history. The lush pencil crayon interpretations of Miyazaki's amazing body of work are just as beautiful and inspiring as the artwork and animation seen in the films!

Studio Ghibli Tribute 'Zine - Year 1985
Paperback: 16 pages, 5"x7"in
Materials: Artwork done digitally for the cover and in colored pencils throughout.
Price: $10.00

TJH87 - Good Life

Animator Kalle Kotila has brought the wonderful character illustrations of Jon Boam to life in this crate-digging music video for TJH87 and their track 'Good Life' Ft. Gamble & Burke.

Scenario Art - How Low Sympathy

Tokyo Polytechnic University animation graduates Tomoyoshi Joko and Hiroco Ichinose, now collectively known as Decovocal, animated this spacey music video for Scenario Art, and their new track 'How Low Sympathy.'

Jack Sachs: Make Do

We'd only previously encountered Jack Sachs' work in the form of his weirdly grotesque illustration and 3D GIFs, so it's a pleasure to see his madcap style in a fully realised animated short!

The Pixar-esque 'Make Do' sees a would-be carpenter beavering away in his workshop on some overly ambitious DIY project... The amazing result is followed by the affirming message "anything is possible." The hilarious short is reminiscent of that episode of 'The Simpsons', in which Homer clumsily attempts to build Marge a spice rack. Classic!

Shana Sadeghi-Ray - Simpsons Zine

Shana Sadeghi-Ray, a multimedia artist from Bushwick, Brooklyn, specialises in creating eye-catching collages of celebrities, juxtaposing them against ambiguous landscapes. She has a particular fascination with Kim Kardashian!

She often collates these humourous tabloid creations into 'zine publications which are sold via Printed Matter, Desert Island, The Good Company, and her own online store: SMH GIRLS.

Shana has taken a break from this signature style for her latest 'zine... 'TTTHHHEEE SSSIIIMMMPPPSSSOOONNNSSS', which is instead a rather fetching collection of felt-tip Simpsons illustrations, laid out character by character like a charmingly simplistic style sheet!

The Simpsons Drawing 'Zine is limited to just 15 copies, and boasts 22 colour pages and the inclusion of a hand-full of laminated one-of-a-kind mini drawings!

Seed Animation Studio: Cream Tease

'Cream Tease' is an innuendo laden short from Seed Animation Studio that begins a promise of a regular production release branded under the name of 'Seed Home Videos'. This series intends to provide the studio with an outlet for exploring interesting styles, narratives and humour in bold, funny and bite-size shorts... Just enough for quick relief from your usual grind.

'Cream Tease' is crafted in a 4:3 aspect ratio complete with tracking error effects... This VHS style really complements the 1980s setting of the film. Enjoy!

2veinte: Wild & Woolly

Check out 'Wild & Woolly'... This fun self-initiated project from Argentine-based design and motion graphics studio 2veinte, sees a menagerie of wacky creatures transmogrify into one another in an endless walk cycle.

Straw - Late Night

Scottish independent animator Cat Bruce, best known for her charming 2011 stop-motion graduation short 'The Golden Bird', has animated the new music video for Straw, and their track 'Late Night'.

Like 'The Golden Bird', the narrative for this new project is steeped in folklore and fairy tales... The piece sees humanoid fox creatures swaggering in time with the music, as if participating in some sort of tribalistic ritual under a moonlit sky!

'Late Night' is taken from Straw's latest EP 'Jellydrum', which was recorded as part of the 'Fi' Fife Project' - A collaboration between Rec Music and Creative Scotland to record, produce and develop quality artists from Fife, Scotland.

Imbue: Sleeping With The Fishes

Imbue has released a new Disney inspired screen print via online art gallery Artobox. 'Sleeping With The Fishes' features Ariel and her friends being hauled into the real world, trapped in a dredging net!

The screen print, available in grey or sepia colour variants, boasts a hand-pulled water-based image on 350gsm print making paper, sized 70cm x 50cm, limited to just 15 copies per colourway, signed and numbered in pencil.

You can still pick one up for £50.00 from the Artobox online store, but they're selling quick!

Parabella: Goodness Newness Oldness Badness

Swiftly following the online release of Mikey Please's 'Marilyn Myller' Parabella are back with some new stuff, animated short 'Goodness Newness Oldness Badness', making 'Marilyn Myller' old stuff! Oh, wait...

"New stuff is good stuff and old stuff is bad stuff, so good stuff becomes bad stuff when new stuff becomes old stuff." Parabella

Yawen Zheng: Every Star (Trailer)

Check out the trailer for Yawen Zheng's University of Southern California, School of Cinematic Arts first year MFA animated short 'Every Star'... it's sublime.

"In everyone’s heart, there lives a little boy and his star."

Dyemond Obryan: Worst... Art Show Ever!

Texan illustrator Dyemond Obryan, creator of 'The Breaks' comix, is working on a series of illustrations for the Simpson's tribute exhibition, 'Worst... Art Show Ever!'

The group show, curated by Mike Herrera, will open at the Capital L Arts & Entertainment space in Dallas, on Saturday the 30th of August.

Here are some of the pieces Dyemond's been posting on his Tumblr... The 'Forever*Blinky' image is already available to purchase through his online store.