Benjamin Wright: Turtle Fighters Badges

Artist and illustrator Benjamin Wright has made his 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' inspired 'Turtle Fighters' hand-made badges available through his online store. Usually reserved for 'zine fairs and independent publishing events, Ben has produced over 200 different mutations of eye-mask colour, skin tone and facial expression!

The badges are laser-cut sustainable plywood, individually and painstakingly hand-painted, and finished with a quick fastening brooch pin. Due to their unique nature you can only specify the eye-mask colour-way with your order... The badges are selected at random so yours will differ slightly from the ones shown.

You can purchase a single 'Turtle Fighters' badge for £4.00, or pick up the entire team for a discounted rate of £12.00!

Also look out for the Benjamin Wright & Isaac Lenkiewicz collaborative 'Turtle Fighters' comic, due to be released for sale online soon.

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