Leonard Peng: Simpsons Zine

Leonard Peng recently contributed a wonderfully stylised 'Simpsons' tribute 'zine, titled 'Eat My Shorts', for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Leonard's 'zine pays homage to some of the most memorable and iconic Simpsons moments, rendered in his own inimitable style. With scenes like Homer getting stuck in a waterslide, Bart's "MOTH.." tattoo, and Mr. Burns being mistaken for an alien, it's no wonder 'The Simpsons' has remained Leonard's favourite show since he was six years old!

Eat My Shorts 'Zine - Year 1989
Paperback: 8 pages, 5.5"x8.5"in
Materials: Laser printed on photocopy paper.
Price: $3.00

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