Matt Rockefeller: Pokémon Zine

Matt Rockefeller recently contributed a densely illustrated 'Pokémon' tribute 'zine, titled 'The Poké Life', for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Matt's 'zine recollects the year Pokémon took the world by storm... The game captured the imagination of millions, and Matt was clearly swept-up in it's adorable and addictive appeal. The cover alone features all 151 original Pokémon illustrated from memory, whilst the internal spreads, gorgeously rendered in red and blue (another nod to the original Pokémon video games), depict real-world environments in which even the people and objects appear to take on the likeness of these charming creatures. Hidden within the illustrations are 95 Pokémon to spot... challenge yourself to find 'em all!

The Poké Life 'Zine - Year 1996
Paperback: 12 pages, 8"x5.25"in
Materials: Laser printed, cardstock cover.
Price: $8.00

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