Shana Sadeghi-Ray - Simpsons Zine

Shana Sadeghi-Ray, a multimedia artist from Bushwick, Brooklyn, specialises in creating eye-catching collages of celebrities, juxtaposing them against ambiguous landscapes. She has a particular fascination with Kim Kardashian!

She often collates these humourous tabloid creations into 'zine publications which are sold via Printed Matter, Desert Island, The Good Company, and her own online store: SMH GIRLS.

Shana has taken a break from this signature style for her latest 'zine... 'TTTHHHEEE SSSIIIMMMPPPSSSOOONNNSSS', which is instead a rather fetching collection of felt-tip Simpsons illustrations, laid out character by character like a charmingly simplistic style sheet!

The Simpsons Drawing 'Zine is limited to just 15 copies, and boasts 22 colour pages and the inclusion of a hand-full of laminated one-of-a-kind mini drawings!

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