Shuggies Sweet Revenge: Shelbyville T-shirt

Shuggies Sweet Revenge have released a T-shirt and tote bag featuring some fabricated Shelbyvillians!

Shelbyville is the cousin-marrying town next to, and somewhat similar to, Springfield... The Shelbyville inhabitants we do actually encounter in various episodes are visually and characteristically similar to those we know and love from Springfield. Similarly the Shuggies Sweet Revenge illustrations take two well known Simpsons characters and smash them together to create a bizarre, yet strangely familiar, new populace for Shelbyville.

The black & white variant T-shirt is available for $45.00, whilst the hand-painted, made-to-order, colour variants are $75.00. The black & white tote is $25.00, stretching to $45.00 for a hand-painted edition. Check out the Shuggies Sweet Revenge online store for sizes and availability.

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