Vanessa Port: Adventure Time Zine

Vanessa Port recently contributed an 'Adventure Time' tribute 'zine, titled 'I'm Not A Knight, I'm A Boy', for the STACKS exhibition at The Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis.

STACKS invited 60+ contributing artists from around the world to commemorate and revisit the cultural highlights, memories, icons and events from the years 1984-2014 in a show of limited edition 'zines.

Vanessa's 'zine commemorates her transition from a highschool graduate to a college freshman in 2010. She struggled with holding onto her childhood whilst also trying to mature, then 'Adventure Time' came along! The show tapped into her nostalgia, whilst the humour appealed to the older person she'd become... It helped her connect with others that felt the same way.

The wonderful and brightly coloured illustrations, paired with quotes from the show, depict a spectrum of 'Adventure Time' characters:

Red - Princess Bubblegum & Marceline
Orange - Flame Princess
Yellow - Finn & Jake
Green - Tree Trunks
Blue - Ice King & Gunter
Indigo - Lumpy Space Princess
Violet - Lady Rainicorn

I'm Not A Knight. I'm A Boy 'Zine - Year 2010
Paperback: 14 pages, 5.5"x8.5"in
Materials: Digital illustrations on textured linen paper.
Additional Info: Signed edition of 75
Price: $3.00

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