45RPM: Goofe Bootleg Toy

Bristol-based artist, illustrator, designer, photographer and all-round talented bastard 45RPM made this kit-bashed Goofy wrestling figure for the Streets Of Beige 'Plastik Schmack!' bootleg toy exhibition. We especially like the card back depicting Goofy kicking the shit out of Pluto, egged on by the rest of the Club House gang!

'Plastik Schmack!' is the third Streets Of Beige exhibition, and their second foray into the increasingly prominent bootleg toy scene. They released TMNT homage, 'Nobody Likes Leonardo' with RichT & Goodleg Toys earlier this year. Alongside 'Goofe', the exhibition featured a freakish array of mangled characters, including several nods towards 'The Simpsons'... An extra special "Swag Hipster" edition of Ash Davies' 'Bartholio', Andrew Richmond's 'Bad-Ass Grampa', and a tribute to Action Bronson customised from a Comic Book Guy figure by SOB x Bernard Rollins!

'Goofe' is still available to purchase through the SOB online store, priced £100.

Alphabets Heaven & Deft - Pride & Joy

Independent UK animator Thomas Knowler devised a series of wacky mechanical doodads and seemingly pointless thingamyjigs, powered by tiny yellow and blue imps, to accompany the new Alphabets Heaven & Deft track, 'Pride & Joy'.

Each machine powers the next... But what is exactly at the end of that cable!?

'Pride & Joy' comes from the new Alphabets Heaven EP 'Everything Stays The Same', available digitally from King Deluxe: store.kingdeluxe.ca

DVA - No Survi

Slovakian director and animator Andrej Kolenčík (aka Admiral) teamed up with Peter Skala in the creation of this animated music video for DVA track, 'No Survi'.

'No Survi' is taken from the new DVA album 'NIPOMO', released via Northern Spry Records.

HORT x Company Of Parrots: Pinocchio Mouse T-shirt

'Company of Parrots' is the online retail outlet for the uber-cool publishing platform 'It's Nice That', and their magazine publication 'Printed Pages'. Over the years they have been able to commission some brilliant creatives in the production of exclusive items, including this, their latest collaboration with Eike König and HORT studio.

HORT are currently celebrating over 20 years of genre-blurring graphic design work with an exhibition at London's KK Outlet. This momentous achievement has been marked with the release of three specially-commissioned T-shirts, the highlight for us being this delightfully creepy amalgamation of Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio.

Like some sort of dirty protest on the walls of a Disney World jail, the T-shirt depicts a cheeky mouse with a huge nose smeared in black on an otherwise pristine white cotton tee.

Available now via the Company Of Parrots online store, priced £25.00

The Subways - I'm In Love And It's Burning In My Soul

Before embarking on his career in animation, Steven Mertens was a session bass player with The Moldy Peaches, Adam Green and Here We Go Magic, amongst many others. This background in music has allowed Steven to seamlessly connect his stop-motion skills with numerous musical collaborations, including videos for Nickel Creek, Skaters, The Chapin Sisters, Deca, Streets of Laredo and Boogarins.

His latest animated music video is his second outing with the UK pop-punk outfit The Subways. Made to accompany the track 'I'm In Love And It's Burning In My Soul', the paper cut-out stop motion animation is a melange of hearts, fire and hypnotic eyes, all mashed together in blur of surreal romance.

Alexandre Louvenaz: Code Lisa

Alexandre Louvenaz has animated a freakish tribute to 1980s comedy sci-fi classic 'Weird Science'...

Wizard Skull x Stupid Krap


Brooklyn-based artists & illustrator Wizard Skull, infamous for his fantastically irreverent interpretations of classic cartoon imagery, has teamed up with Australian print-house Stupid Krap to release three ridiculously wonderful prints.

The A4, archival colourfast ink digital prints, are limited to an edition size of 40, all signed and numbered by the artist. Pick up a copy via the Stupid Krap online store whilst you still can.

'Kanye Duck'

'Pink Bart'

Chad VanGaalen - Monster

Over the last decade, Chad VanGaalen has been producing his own brand of spookily weird music, drawings, modified instruments, animation and performances. He frequently makes his own album artwork and has even animated music videos to accompany several of his songs, including 'Clinically Dead', 'Flower Gardens', 'Red Hot Drops', 'Molten Light', and his newest release... 'Monster'!

The disturbingly freakish music video features a bestiary of nightmarish creatures from deformed fetuses clawing at their own eye sockets, to a moss covered toad-like creature vomiting living purple goo!

The Art Of Smallfilms

The Art Of Smallfilms - The Work Of Oliver Postgate & Peter Firmin

Hardback: 320 pages
Publisher: Four Corners Books (Oct 2014)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1909829022
Price: £25.00

Unfortunately, it seems all the major studios publish an 'Art of...' book to accompany every film they release purely as a cash-cow marketing necessity! Whilst the concept artwork is always undeniably stunning, there are so many to books/films to choose from it has inevitably all become a bit samey and stale.

It is hugely refreshing to see a publication of this nature delving into a tiny British animation production company, like Smallfilms, with the same visual indulgence as we've come to expect from the major studios. Jonny Trunk has trawled through the extensive Smallfilms archive, and presented the collection of lovingly crafted puppets, cut-out, props, artwork and studio relics, as if detailing some much-admired 20th Century art movement.

Fittingly released to coincided with the revival of Smallfilms (now with Oliver's son Daniel Postgate at the helm) and the announcement that The Clangers will be returning to our screens in 2015!

"Working from a barn in Kent, Postgate and Firmin produced some of the best-loved children's television of the 1960s and 1970s, including 'Bagpuss', 'The Clangers', 'Ivor The Engine' and 'Noggin The Nog'. This book presents the Smallfilms archive - the puppets and cut-outs from these series, along with insights into how they were made. It's a book full of pipe cleaners, cotton wool, wire and ping-pong balls, and celebrates the imagination and ingenuity of two artists who shaped the childhoods of a generation."

Chris O'Hara: Childhood Classics

Check out Chris O'Hara's looping animated tribute to some of his favourite childhood cartoon characters.

Featuring: Alvin, Captain Planet, Taz, Throttle, Tommy Pickles, The Tick, Arnold, Michelangelo, CatDog, Doug, Dagget & Norbert Beaver, He-Man, Count Duckula, Bert Raccoon, Smurf, Ed, Edd & Eddy, Snorkmaiden, Ren & Stimpy, Earthworm Jim, Krumm, Cow & Chicken, Yakko, Streex, Buster & Babs Bunny, Inspector Gadget, Dogtanian, Dexter, Babar the Elephant, Chip & Dale and Goliath.

Steve Cutts: Where Are They Now?

London-based freelance animator Steve Cutts has released a humourous new animated short, titled 'Where Are They Now?' in which we catch up with some 1980s animation icons, long after their heyday prime, and the stark reality of their current lives.

Narrated by a now massively overweight Jessica Rabbit, lamenting the difficulties of living with a gambling addicted rabbit, we also encounter Mumm-Ra and Lion-O bickering in a discount supermarket, Skeletor working in a call center, Inspector Gadget selling the Big Issue, and Optimus Prime serving up greasy fried chicken.

It's not all bad though... He-Man and Man-At-Arms now live a life of luxury in a sparkly pink Castle Grayskull!

1,2,3, - Big Weather II

Taken from their recent album 'Big Weather,' Pittsburgh’s 1,2,3, have unveiled a new animated music video to accompany the track 'Big Weather II.'

Animated by Sophie Koko Gate, the visuals tell the story of a melancholic man and his deceased dog, twinned with other more surreal instances of stormy occurrences... We see a ghostly apparition rise from a water-damaged television, a sexual encounter between two cockroaches and a clumsy grope on an awkward first date!

PROVIDE x Imbue Thumper T-Shirt

Contemporary artist Imbue, who recently relocated to Birmingham, just held his first Brummie-based exhibition, hosted by independent clothing brand and lifestyle retailer PROVIDE.

Alongside 9 new mini-prints, featuring animation inspired imagery typical of Imbue, PROVIDE unveiled an exclusive T-shirt produced to accompany the exhibition. The design features an anatomical dissection of Disney's Thumper, first seen in Imbue's Artwork-A-Day series of unique screen prints back in 2012.

The T-shirt is limited to a meager 50 units, screen printed locally in black on a marl grey crew neck Tee, and available now through the PROVIDE online store priced £25.00

Superskankers: Crackhouse

Do you remember when Dutch artist Bart Jansen turned his deceased pet cat into a taxidermied quadcopter, dubbed the Orvillecopter!?

Well, inspired by this morbid abomination, Estonian animator Martinus Klemet conceived of an excellent music video to accompany the Superskankers track 'Crackhouse.'

The video imagines what would happen if this feline drone came back to life to wreak revenge on its creator.

Watdafac Gallery: Yabba-Dabba-Book A Tribute To Hanna-Barbera

The Watdafac gallery and publisher are releasing a collection of Hanna-Barbera fan art, titled the Yabba-Dabba-Book.

The publication boasts 30 full colour pages featuring amazing re-interpretations of Huckleberry Hound, The Flintstones, Yogi Bear, Tom & Jerry, Top Cat, The Jetsons and more!

Contributing artists include: Alex Schubert, Andrés Magán, Bráulio Amado, David Sánchez, Eric Ercolano, Gabi de la Merced, Jana Vasilevik, Loren, Manuel Donada, María Ramos, Mario Riviere, Mathilde Van Gheluwe, Paul Petzel, Santi Zubizarreta, Sharmila Banerjee & Tommi Musturi.

Due for release some time in September, the Yabba-Dabba-Book is available to pre-order now for €10.00 via the Watdafac online store.

The Line: Scary Animals

Sam Taylor, of the independent animation collective The Line, single-handedly crafted this barbarous new ident for the studio... It's terrifyingly good!

David O'Reilly: Heaven's Courtyland

Cult animator David O'Reilly wrote and directed this series of propaganda films celebrating the glorious Democratic People's Republic of Korea, and their dear leader Kim Jong-Un.

Not really...

They're tongue-in-cheek parodies created for Adult Swim lambasting actual DPRK propaganda like 'Anti USA Imperialism Invasion', which is basically a lesson in how to kill Americans with geometry! 

Shana Sadeghi-Ray - Homer In A Muumuu

Swiftly following on from her last sell-out Simpsons 'zine, Shana Sadeghi-Ray is back with another!

Drawn in the same felt-tip illustrative style as the last, this new collection reads like a couture lookbook with Homer Simpson modelling a range of rather fetching floral Muumuus!

The 20 page, full colour 'zine is available in the SMH Girls online store now for $8.00

Jiani Cao: Black Sugar

Jiani Cao's graduation short 'Black Sugar' is about a weird rabbit-headed man in a shady hotel. Rather worryingly the piece is inspired by Jiani's own misadventures holidaying in Europe!

Emanuele Kabu: The Sadness And Beauty Of Lines And Dots

Emanuele Kabu's latest animated short, 'The Sadness And Beauty Of Lines And Dots', is kaleidoscopically mesmerising...

Ryan Humphrey: Studio Ghibli Zine

Ryan Humphrey, instigator of the spectacular ‘Bartkira’ project, recently implored people to submit their work to a collaborative ‘zine, featuring a wide variety of Studio Ghibli inspired illustration. The 46 page, A4, full colour publication is visual triumph, depicting various iconic characters from Ghibli films throughout the studio’s history.

The ‘Studio Ghibli ‘Zine’ is available, priced £5.00, through Ryan’s online store now: www.withpencilinhand.bigcartel.com

Featured artists, in order of appearance:
Misa Oliver, Chelsea Navarro, James Howard, Haishan Tan, Ryan Humphrey, Daylen Chiang, Sarah Albu, Anne Walker, Kumakao, Kelsea Rain Kennen, Rula Eskaf, Barend Harris, Jack Evans, Mélanie Daigle, Winston Tang, Xac Branch, Victor Devlin, Jacob Phillips, Tom Eichacker, Cristina Zavala, Alejandra Fernandez, Rosemary Kirton, Febriah Anugrah, Khalid Mezaina, Daniel Marks, Jake Young, Caitlin Van Der Gaast, Keara Stewart, Cloie McPhail, Daniel Kiwnk, Taisiya Lazareva, Trudi Castle, Ellie Craze, Adi Z. Linden, Carlos Galvan, Yohan Sacré.

Takeshi Tsuneashi: Lost Forest

Fully conceived by Takeshi Tsunehashi, director, producer and animator of his Tokyo-based studio DESIGNERS APARTMENT, ‘Lost Forest’ continues his homage to the ethereal beauty of nature. Like his previous animated short 'Forest', this new piece takes us on a surreal nature ramble through a simultaneously lush and decaying world in a metaphorical representation of life itself. 

Jake Portman: Robot King

Jake Portman of Not Actual Size has released a highly amusing animated short, titled 'Robot King.'

Inspired by the 1970s anime shows he watched growing up, like 'Gatchaman' and 'Voltron', 'Robot King' imagines the terrible disaster that would probably ensue should you really give control of an all-powerful robot to a group of teenagers!

Murphy Left - 2 Magnete

Frederic Siegel, an animator & illustrator currently studying 2D animation at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts in Switzerland, recently animated the official music video for Murphy Left and their new track '2 Magnete.' The wonderfully pared-down visual style, composed exclusively in red, yellow & blue, perfectly correlates with the mellow, minimalist harmony of the track.

Laura Carton: Dauntless Sally

In this self-initiated animated short from Laura Carton, we see a young boy lying in a bathtub playing with a toy boat. He dreams of his father, unseen since he last set sail, and his nautical adventures aboard the 'Dauntless Sally.'