45RPM: Goofe Bootleg Toy

Bristol-based artist, illustrator, designer, photographer and all-round talented bastard 45RPM made this kit-bashed Goofy wrestling figure for the Streets Of Beige 'Plastik Schmack!' bootleg toy exhibition. We especially like the card back depicting Goofy kicking the shit out of Pluto, egged on by the rest of the Club House gang!

'Plastik Schmack!' is the third Streets Of Beige exhibition, and their second foray into the increasingly prominent bootleg toy scene. They released TMNT homage, 'Nobody Likes Leonardo' with RichT & Goodleg Toys earlier this year. Alongside 'Goofe', the exhibition featured a freakish array of mangled characters, including several nods towards 'The Simpsons'... An extra special "Swag Hipster" edition of Ash Davies' 'Bartholio', Andrew Richmond's 'Bad-Ass Grampa', and a tribute to Action Bronson customised from a Comic Book Guy figure by SOB x Bernard Rollins!

'Goofe' is still available to purchase through the SOB online store, priced £100.

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