HORT x Company Of Parrots: Pinocchio Mouse T-shirt

'Company of Parrots' is the online retail outlet for the uber-cool publishing platform 'It's Nice That', and their magazine publication 'Printed Pages'. Over the years they have been able to commission some brilliant creatives in the production of exclusive items, including this, their latest collaboration with Eike K├Ânig and HORT studio.

HORT are currently celebrating over 20 years of genre-blurring graphic design work with an exhibition at London's KK Outlet. This momentous achievement has been marked with the release of three specially-commissioned T-shirts, the highlight for us being this delightfully creepy amalgamation of Mickey Mouse and Pinocchio.

Like some sort of dirty protest on the walls of a Disney World jail, the T-shirt depicts a cheeky mouse with a huge nose smeared in black on an otherwise pristine white cotton tee.

Available now via the Company Of Parrots online store, priced £25.00

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