Jacob 2-2 - Construxon Time Again

This animated music video for 'Construxon Time Again' by Jacob 2-2 took us on a huge nostalgia trip...

The superbly animated stop motion, entirely composed of 1980s Fisher-Price building toy 'Construx,' was lovingly crafted by Adam Brown over a year long process. The video depicts two Contrux guys crash landing on an alien planet and battling its robotic inhabitants. With plenty of visual nods to Sci-Fi pop culture like the 'Aliens' exoskeleton suit, the light tunnel from '2001: A Space Odyssey,' and classic arcade games like 'Sinistar' & 'Space Invaders,' 'Construxon Time Again' stirred far fonder memories than 'The LEGO Movie' managed.

'Construxon Time Again' originally appeared on the album 'Herbivore,' and now makes an appearance once again, along with remixes by Muta and Stephen Farris, on Jacob 2-2's new EP 'The Rec.' Available now via King Deluxe Records.

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