Sauce - New Day

Vancouver-based Hip Hop emcee SoS aka Sauce recently unveiled his new release, and the lead track from his new self-titled EP, 'New Day.'

Influenced by the beloved television staple, and a Simpsons themed party Sauce hosted years earlier, Random Pictures director Stephen Gillis decided to take on the challenge of making the first live action Simpsons inspired music video.

The video also features a cast filled with members of Vancouver's thriving underground hip-hop community including:

Homer - Sauce
Disco Stu - Ryan
Marge - Emily
Lenny - DJ C-Lo
Troy McClure - Trevor Mills
Otto/Milhouse - Mr. Archive
Moe/Jimbo Jones - Tyler 2 Times
Barney/Nelson Muntz - Kid Lithium
Sideshow Bob - Simon of Rap Goofz
Frank Grimes - Babie Paul
Mr. Burns - Corvid
Edna Krabappel - Jolene
Dr. Nick - Juneten
Mayor "Diamond" Joe Quimby - The Bonald
Dr. Marvin Monroe - Devon

Download the album now for FREE at:

Also keep an eye out for our forthcoming 'zine 'Homage To Homer'... a horrific photographic collection of Homer Simpson costumes.

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