Tyler J. Hutchinson: Die Homer

Tyler J. Hutchinson is an indie comic creator and also runs communal comic jam site 'We Draw Comics.' His latest project, 'Die Homer,' is a brand new comic that answers the question: “What if the 1988 action movie 'Die Hard' was a comic starring Homer Simpson?”

Homer has been cast a John McClane battling German terrorist Hans Gruber and his cronies during a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza in Los Angeles. The supporting cast are played by a variety of iconic characters lifted from comics, cartoons and video games... Including Moomintroll, Sonic The Hedgehog, Angry Birds, Scrooge McDuck, Garfield, Skeletor, Charlie Brown, Goku, D.W, Gonzo and, of course Marge Simpson as Holly Gennero.

Initially released as a 'zine for the SPX Independent Comics & Cartooning Festival last September, the sell out success is now being serialised on Tapastic (www.diehomer.com), whilst the first 22 pages are already available for digital download on Gumroad for $3.

The first volume of 'Die Homer' concludes with McClane (Homer) dropping Marco's (Skeletor's) corpse onto Sgt. Al Powell's (Charlie Brown's) car, alerting the LAPD! With plenty of the film still left to adapt, we're already eagerly awaiting Die Homer's return in the second volume, which is supposedly going to be unveiled at Thought Bubble this November.

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