Bootleg Bart: Black Bart Bootleg Toy

Leo at Bootleg Bart has been cataloging the cultural phenomena of knock-off Simpsons T-shirt for over a decade. With a book somewhere already in the pipeline, the Bootleg Bart online shop recently dropped a rather unexpected treat.

Teaming up with Manny X Romero at Patrullax, they unveiled a super limited custom action figure, Black Bart With Gold Chain! Booted from an original 1989 Playmates Bart figurine, the 3" tall piece pays homage the the classic 90's Black Bart imagery. Each figure was individually cast in brown resin, hand-painted in neon green & orange clothing, and completed with a chunky gold chain accessory. It also comes packaged in a custom blister pack with a card back board hinting at three other possible releases... Nuclear Bart, Bad Acid Bart and Vandal Bart!

The piece was limited to just 10 units with a very reasonable $50 price tag. Unsurprisingly, it sold out in under 2 hours! You should subscribe to Bootleg Bart newsletter to be in with a remote chance of bagging the next release.

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