Damien Hirst & Marc Jacobs: Mickey T-Shirt

Back in 2009 Disney invited Damien Hirst to re-appropriate the design of Mickey Mouse, stripping him back to his bare essentials. Hirst’s unique representation of Mickey Mouse, used his trademark spot motif to interpret one of Disney’s best loved characters like we've never seen before.

The original artwork was auctioned off in early 2014 raising £902,500 for Kids Company, a charity organisation that focuses on bettering the lives in Britain’s inner-city youth.

Whilst the likelihood of ever owning the original 'Mickey', or even one of the super limited edition signed prints which sold for between £4,000 and £10,000 each, is a virtual impossibility, their is now a change to acquire a slightly more affordable version in the form of a T-shirt.

Hirst's art publishing house, Other Criteria have teamed up with fashion designer, Mar Jacobs to produce this exclusive limited edition design of only 2300 units which is available for adults in either washed black or white, and a kids cut in white. The adult T-shirts retail at £73.00 and the kids T-shirt at £43, with all the proceeds again being donated to Kids Company. The T-shirts will be exclusively available through Marc Jacobs retailer and Other Criteria stores.

"Mickey Mouse represents happiness and the joy of being a kid and I have reduced his shape down to the basic elements of a few simple spots. I hope people love it, because it is still instantly recognisable - Mickey is such a universal and powerful icon." Damien Hirst

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