Splendidly Evil Powerpuff Girls 'Zine

'Splendidly Evil' is a 'zine dedicated to the zany and colourful villains in the 'Powerpuff Girls'. It features 39 artists, each with their own spin on the many villains seen in the series, spread over 56 glossy full-colour pages. The submission based publication was organised and curated by Nneka Myers, Arielle Jovellanos, Pablo Leon, Abigail Dela Cruz, Geraldine Rodriguez, Mallory Carlson, and Sara Talmadge, also dubbed the Sinister Seven.

Alongside the Sinister Seven the 'zine also features artwork from the following contributors:

Alexia Tryfon / Alfonso Pardo / Andrea Garcia / Cameron Garland / Charles Tan / Chelsea Kenna / Chrystin Garland / Cole Harrington / Crystal Curtis / Diana Huh / Domareen Fox / Erin Hunting / Gabby Zapata / Janet Sung / Jemuel Bernaldez / Jessica Mao / Joshua C Heinsz / Justin Chan / Krystal Pham / Kyrstin Avello / Laura Price / Lissy Marlin / Matt Doering / Michelle Soong / Miranda Yeo / Rebecca Nelson / Rosemary Travale / Sarah Simes / Teressa Ong / Trevor Finney / Trung Le Nguyen & Yssa Badiola.

L to R - Abigail Dela Cruz, Chrystin Garland, Rosemary Travale & Jemuel Bernaldez.

L to R - Lissy Marlin, Alfonso Pardo, Cole Harrington & Domareen Fox.

In addition to the 'zine a spectacular 11"x17" print illustrated by Carlos Lerma, featuring Fuzzy Lumpkins, Princess Morbucks, HIM & Mojo Jojo terrorising the City of Townsville, is also available. 

Splendidly Evil Poster by Carlos Lerma.

Pre-orders are now open via their online store, with shipping expected from the mid/end of November. You can purchase the 'zine alone ($15 USD), the Carlos Lerma Poster alone ($15 USD) or as a Bundle ($25 USD) at splendidlyevil.storenvy.com

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