BRIGADE Clothing: Bart T-shirt

BRIGADE clothing have dedicated their streetwear brand to fostering social awareness. Striving to be the unapologetic voice of those individuals who wake up everyday and fight the good fight, no matter how oppressive the opposition may be. Their apparel really persoinifies their tagline of "All Power To The People."

Their latest T-shirt and pin badge set subverts the blackface minstrel racial stereotype with a striking amalgamation of Mickey Mouse and Bart Simpson. For decades Bootleg Bart shirts made Bart black, where he has been used as a symbol for resistance to apartheid, for Rasta culture, and hip-hop music, he's become a true ambassador for black culture.

Both the 'Bart Tee' (priced $30.00) and the 'BRIGADE Pin Set' set (priced $12.00) are available via the BRIGADE online store now!


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