Digital Kitchen: Man Seeking Woman

Digital Kitchen Studios teamed up with FXX to create the main title sequence for the network’s new original comedy 'Man Seeking Woman,' starring Jay Baruchel and created by former 'SNL' writer Simon Rich.

Based on Rich's book of short stories, 'The Last Girlfriend on Earth,' the series is a sweet and absurdist look at the surreal life-and-death stakes of dating and the quest for love —centered on Josh Greenberg (Baruchel).

DK crafted an iconic graphic approach for the titles, meant to contrast with the show’s live action. In the sequence, symbols of ordinary dating life mix with over-the-top, genre-spanning imagery, reflecting the unique narrative device used in the series. Packed into 30 seconds, the titles are filled with action and fun moments to keep each viewing fresh and engaging. Viewers are sure to catch new details each time they watch.

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