Nike+ Outdo You

The 100,000 most active Nike+ members received a one-of-a-kind animated sequence marking the new year for 2015, with each personalised animation created using data uniquely specific to the user. Meaning a runner from Toronto would receive a completely different film from a NTC user in New York! In addition to personalising the location, there are a multitude of sequences honoring the achievements of four key cities and North America as a whole. The resulting 1500 animated clips populated a custom render cloud system, which then (influenced by the pertinent individual data) rendered and constructed the necessary 100,000 animated shorts. Here we've posted a general, less tailored, version of 'Outdo You', but a multiple number of various renditions can now be viewed online.

This new promo from Nike, illustrator McBess and director Laurent Clermont is reminiscent of the 2010 collaboration between Nike and James Jarvis. 'Onwards' represented something of a more equal relationship between artist and brand with James' illustrative style and personal running experience remaining integral to the short.

The same can be said of  'Outdo You'... As opposed to a marketing exercise the piece was commissioned as gift to Nike's 100,000 most dedicated customers. Likewise, the directorial vision of Laurent's personalised animated sequence (based on the customers location, weather, activity and individual Nike+ movement data) and Mcbess' distinctive illustrative style have prevailed.

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