Amazing Simpsons Patches

Fat Bart - "Rag On A Stick" patch by Applesauce Industries

Simpsons-themed sew-on patches are being brought to our attention on an almost daily basis, so we thought we'd post a collection of our current favorites.

Get sewing... You're denim jacket will have never looked so rad!

Beat It Nerd! patch by Mean Folk

Bartfield patch by Michael Shantz

Hang In There & Can You Spare A Feeling patches by Mike McCabe

Kamp Krusty & Bart Simpsons Treehouse Club patches by Lucas Jubb

Bart Simpson Misfits patch by SprawlMart

Bart Headroom patch by Spoking Fun

Jazz Rules & Jimbo Jones Ain't Nutin Ta Fuck Wit patches by Elbartoh

When Pigs Fly, Knifey Spoony Champ & Can't Stop Won't Stop patches by Stuntin

Al Bart patch by MVH Philadelphia

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