Vince Collins: Animation Time

Renowned experimental animator Vince Collins has released a new, and typically nonsensical, animated short titled 'Animation Time.'

Vince is perhaps best known for the hallucinatory animated shorts he made in the 1970s and 80s that featured his deeply-saturated, perpetually moving and morphing figures. Most notably 'Malice In Wonderland'... a warped and sexually explicit adaptation of Lewis Carroll's classic children's book.

Vince has also often worked with a retrospective aesthetic; making 60s-style films in the 70s and so on, so it's not surprising that his most recent body of work resembles the clunkiest 90s CGI animation you can imagine. It's great to see this kind of surreal 3-D experimentation when perfect reality is so sought after by many aspiring animators.

"This is an alternative universe that's got a lot of interesting stuff in it." - Vince Collins

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