The Animation Workshop: Vagabond

In this fantastic animated short, titled 'Vagabond', a warmhearted beggar pursues his dog’s kidnapper through a relentlessly moving futuristic cityscape.

This incredible film was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual students’ below and click the links to learn more about the talent behind the film!

Pedro Ivo Carvalho (Director, animator, editor, compositor & sound designer)
Anne Sigismund (Production manager, background painter & compositor)
Christoffer Kramme (Animation lead, pipeline supervisor & storyboard artist)
Roland Seer (Co-art director, tech director, animator, compositor & sound designer)
Maria Henriksen (Co-art director, animator, character designer & storyboard artist)
Talía Bordallo (Storyboard lead, character layout & character designer)
Høgni Mohr (Concept art & background lead)
Simon Halberg (Concept art, Character designer, background painter & compositor)

KADOKAWA Disney Flip Books

Japanese publishing house KADOKAWA Corp. have now released six Disney 'Paper Movie' flip books, allowing readers to repeatedly enjoy iconic scenes from classic Disney films.

So far the series features Cinderella's dress transformation, birds pulling on Snow White's cape, Winnie the Pooh squeezing under a tree root, Mickey bringing a broom to life in 'Fantasia', and the latest two, featuring Ana & Elsa singing the hit songs 'For The First Time in Forever' and 'Let it Go' from 'Frozen'.

Each book is priced at ¥1,080 (£6.00) if you can actually track one down to buy in the UK.

Ross Hogg - Spectators

Ross Hogg's 2013 Glasgow School of Arts graduation film 'Spectators' is finally online for us to enjoy in its beautifully rendered and expressive charcoal-on-paper aesthetic. The short inverts the expected focus of a football match, observing visual nuances usually lost within the mass of the crowd, it explores the character subtleties and social interactions of the spectators as they watch the unseen spectacle of the game.

"'Spectators' is an observational animation... turning (its) attention to those on the periphery. The film investigates social interaction and human behaviour, revealing the diversity of character found among football spectators..." - Ross Hogg

Akira - Ghost

Muti, a creative studio based in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, animated a floating skull morphing into a variety of original charcaters and pop-culture icons, all set to the new track 'Ghost' by Akira.

Keep your eye sockets peeled for apperances by Dr. Doom, Nosferatu, Skeletor and even a farting cat!

Wong Ping: Doggy Love

If you thought the sexual depravity in Wong Ping's animated short films couldn't get any more bizarre, especially after the sweat drinking eroticism of 'Stop Peeping', then think again!

Released as a Valentines Day "treat" via NOWNESS, 'Doggy Love' tells the romantic tale of a young boy’s erotic fixation with a classmate boasting breasts on her back.

Pixelpongo: Pandemonio

Italian graphic designer, illustrator & animator Valerio Spinelli aka Pixelpongo created this superb animation with nothing more than a bunch of digitally resized and overlapping felt circles. There is also the occasional recognisable character, our favourite of which is a nod to Georges Méliès' 'Le Voyage dans la Lune.'

"'Pandemonio' is a kaleidoscope of monsters, animals and other strange creatures brought to life by the primitive and frenzied pace of Zu's music. Each figure is made by overlapping felt circles. The animation is obtained by moving, resizing and painting every circle without deforming its perfect shape." - Valerio Spinelli

Booger Kids: Hype Air T-shirt

California-based street-wear fashion label Booger Kids have built a pretty solid reputation for producing irreverently humorous T-shirt collections, with an emphasis on 80s and 90s cartoon nostalgia. Previous collection have featured a pepperoni pizza Bart and Rocko (of 'Rocko's Modern Life') modified with various hip-hop accouterments!

Their latest release, amusingly dubbed 'Hype Air', features an amalgamation of a skeletal Bart Simpson and the Nike 'Jumpman' logo, associated with their Michael Jordan-related merchandise including Air Jordan.

The 'Hype Air' T-shirt is now available for $28.00 via the Booger Kids online store.

The Animation Workshop: Tsunami

In this incredible animated short, titled 'Tsunami', a man must return home in denial following a natural disaster, where he must learn to deal with his loss through an encounter with a magical sea spirit.

This unbelievably good film was made by a team of third year Character Animation and CG Arts students at The Animation Workshop in Viborg, Denmark. Check out the individual students’ below and click the links to learn more about the talent behind the film!

Sofie Nørgaard Kampmark (Director & Editor)
Jess Nicholls (art director & Pipeline manager)
Morten Jæger (technical art director, DOP & colour script)
Line Bering (CG generalist & production manager)
Pernille Kofod Hansen (Animator & Creature Design)
Michelle From (lead animator & storyboard)
Johan Carøe (Composer)

Nate Milton: Feelings

"For three weeks, I wrote down any thought, image or memory that gave me a tingly feeling. I animated the list, and what it accidentally became was a stream-of-consciousness trek through my life. This is the trailer to my brain." - Nate Milton

Nemes - Everest Isle

Ned Wenlock (aka Oneedo) animated this superb, smokey, silhouetted, western-themed music video for the band Nemes and their track 'Everest Isle.'

The deceptively simple animation was actually achieved through a slow, and perhaps, overly complicated process. Ned goes into detail about the technique on his blog, but basically the characters, ghostly blue set pieces and the smokey silhouetted sets were created as three separate pieces of animation overlapped and timed so that they move slightly differently from one another. This was intended to give a loose, organic feel to the animation, creating the illusion of a live projection on a moving backdrop.

Inventions - Springworlds

Inventions, the musical collaboration between Eluvium's Matthew Cooper and Explosions In The Sky's Mark T. Smith, have released the first single from their new album 'Maze Of Woods.' The track, titled 'Springworlds,' is accompanied by an atmospheric and impulsively driven animated music video by Dan W Jacobs.

The interaction between the musicians and the animator was an intensively collaborative process, forgoing a storyboard the stormy narrative was crafted through spontaneous decisions inspired by thoughts, feelings and responses to the track, a sort of free-form animation.

+65: Canvas

Ariel Navas, Charlotte Hong & Jerrold Chong (collectively known as +65 on Vimeo) drew sequential images across three canvases that were then hung as a triptych for the 2015 Character Animation Gallery Show at CalArts. Each singular image was treated like an animation still, shot and put into this video, titled 'Canvas.'

The project is particularly reminiscent of Caleb Woods 'Plumb' installation at the Prøve Gallery in March, 2014.

BRNS - Many Chances

A strange and mystical forest creature undergoes a series of increasingly fantastical metamorphoses in this Nicolas Fong directed music video for BRNS track 'Many Chances.' Mélanie Tourneur, Eve Deroek and Guillaume Lurati assisted Nicolas is the accomplishment of this gorgeously animated short.

'Many Chances' is the first single taken from BRNS' debut LP 'Patine', available now via iTunes.

Bartworks Ken Kagami Zine

'Bartworks' is the latest zine from Japanese illustrative artist Ken Kagami. The 36 page publication sees Kagami's sharp sense of humor applied to a pictorial series of pure ideas featuring Bart Simpson depicted in a variety of usual forms. The zine has been released as a co-production between Swiss publishing house Nieves and Hungarian art publisher Innen.

"Kagami’s distinctive works are characterized by their simple expression of conflicting ideas. Pure and virginal plastic and soft toys created for babies and children are boldly combined with objects, which represent sex, violence and excrement. These two worlds, which naturally never crossover, merge and transform objects into giggle-inducing, amiable, yet bizarre pieces of art which invoke a horrific, natural human instinct. This is achieved through Kagami’s sharp sense of color, form and pure ideas."

'Bartworks' is available to buy through the Nieves online store, priced $8.00

Pet Portrait - Holy Hologram

Joe Bichard (and a number of his animation cohorts... Oswald Skillbard, Lana Simanenkova, Milo Targett, Loup Blaster & Violette Loosen) created this wild marionette puppet-party come break-up narrative to accompany the release of Pet Portrait's track 'Holy Hologram'.

Women's Film Festival Trailer

EMCA students Moara Terena, Eloîse Tinland and Théo Gremillet co-produced this wonderfully animated trailer for the Women's Film Festival

"Saturated impressions of a distant and disturbing world beyond reality room."

Muta - Praise

Music label King Deluxe always commission great videos to accompany their releases. The newest video, set to Muta’s song 'Praise', was animated by Titouan Bordeau. Featuring his elegantly simple animation style, the video sees two intrepid explorers traverse an alien landscape, tackling strange tentacles sprouting from the ground, a deep ravine and mucilaginous blue sand.

'Praise' is now available to download via King Deluxe Records.

La Academia de Animación: Maisha

Barcelona-based animation school La Academia de Animación recently unveiled 'Maisha', the stop-motion puppet and paper-craft animated short created by their students.

So It's Come To This: A Simpsons Fanzine

'So It's Come to This' is the first fanzine in an all new collaborative series sponsored by The Camp Site. This first instalment is 20 pages of Simpsons art, poems and all things related to 'The Simpsons'.

The saddle-stitched 5.5"x8.5" booklet, featuring black & white inner pages contained within a Simpsons-yellow card stock cover, is available now via The Camp Site online store, priced $5.00.

The Camp Site is run by Megan Aguilar & Matthew Tiemann, founded on their combined passion to create and sell kitsch and kawaii goods, both contributed to this zine alongside Jay Skinner, Gwendolyn Garrett, Jeremy Cohen, Sasha Duran, Alison Sanderlin and Matthew Cohen.

Menezes & Bui: The Two Of Us

EMCA Angoulême graduates Pierre De Menezes & Bernard Bui recently unveiled their graduation film, titled 'The Two of Us'.

The short animation follows a couple who escape their captivity, only to discover they still have a long treacherous journey ahead. Perhaps the narrative is an allegory for the difficulties these graduating animators faced during their studies and the unknown future that awaits them. We can envisage only great things!

Way To Go

"'Way to Go' is a walk in the woods... It is an astonishing interactive experience, a restless panorama, a mixture of hand-made animation, 360˚ video capture, music and dreaming and code; but mostly it is a walk in the woods, c'mon. Created by Vincent Morisset, Philippe Lambert, Édouard Lanctôt-Benoit & Caroline Robert from the studio AATOAA. Produced by the NFB & France TV."

You can play now!

Timothy Olson: 2W2L2R2D Zine

Timothy Olson has released a mini-zine titled '2W2L2R2D' ('Too Weird To Live, Too Rare To Die.') The publication, which features a variety of iconic cartoon characters spliced together in horrific mutant reinterpretations, will be available in a tiny quantity directly from Tim before it's official release accompanying an exhibition of the original drawings at the Hot*Pop! art boutique later this month.

CheesyBricks: Paint

The latest LEGO stop-motion short from Jon Rolph aka CheesyBricks is one of the most creative examples of "brickfilm" we've ever encountered.

In the deceptively simple short an artist recreates a Piet Mondrian style Neo-plasticism painting in LEGO "paint"! It's the attention to minute details like the bricks chosen as the paint is spread on the palette, the water gradually changing colour and paint strokes on the canvas that really elevate the quality of this superb animation.

We love it!

Animated Review: Slimed Zine

We're pleased to announce the online release of 'Slimed', our newest zine produced in collaboration with Henry Press.

This latest publication features a collection of the most impressive examples of Slimer's explosive ectoplasmic-bukkake... All taken from the first season of 'The Real Ghostbusters.'

- Limited edition hand-made concertina booklet
- Hand numbered edition of 50
- 16 print pages
- Published by Animated Review & Henry Press
- Price £3.00

'Slimed' is now available at Magma Manchester, Village Bookstore, Lik+Neon and both the Animated Review & Henry Press online stores. Grab a copy whilst you still can!

James Kwan: Wolfgang, Wolfgang Jr.

James Kwan take his cutesy, felt stop-motion aesthetic to another level in this 2014, Pratt Institute animated short 'Wolfgang, Wolfgang Jr.' 

"Obsessed with his legacy, Wolfgang tries to build one last thing before he dies."

Paul Robertson & Ivan Dixon: The Simpsons

Pixel art aficionados Paul Robertson & Ivan Dixon directed and animated this implausibly good 8-bit tribute to the hit series 'The Simpsons'.

Set to the incredible chiptune rendition of the theme by Jeremy Dower, the entire title sequence has been recreated shot-for-shot, culminating in an epic couch-gag featuring a pixelated totem of iconic objects and characters.

Michael Frei: Plug & Play

Michael Frei's award-winning animated short 'Plug & Play' finally saw it's online debut today, two years after it's festival debut in Clermont-Ferrand 2013. The surreal and minimalistic film is essentially about love, played out through the relationship and interactions of anthropoid plug-headed creatures.

Frei subsequently teamed up with independent Swiss game developer Mario von Rickenbach and Etter Studio to create an interactive playable version of the animated film. The resulting game, also called 'Plug & Play' and released today, is intended to give the viewers more control over Frei's original movie, whilst also attempting to control the experience of the film by not allowing the viewer to skip the narrative without interacting with it first and therefore becoming part of it.

'Plug & Play' was released worldwide on the 2nd of February and is available to download here: 'Plug & Play'

John Jones Studio: Save The Baby

The mysterious french animator/animators known as the John Jones Studio, it's pretty unclear if this is the work of an anonymous collective or a secretive individual, has unveiled a new animated skit titled 'Save The Baby'. In the darkly humorous minute long short a young child is thrown to safety from a marauding horde and rescued by a strange purple-headed saviour!