Michael Frei: Plug & Play

Michael Frei's award-winning animated short 'Plug & Play' finally saw it's online debut today, two years after it's festival debut in Clermont-Ferrand 2013. The surreal and minimalistic film is essentially about love, played out through the relationship and interactions of anthropoid plug-headed creatures.

Frei subsequently teamed up with independent Swiss game developer Mario von Rickenbach and Etter Studio to create an interactive playable version of the animated film. The resulting game, also called 'Plug & Play' and released today, is intended to give the viewers more control over Frei's original movie, whilst also attempting to control the experience of the film by not allowing the viewer to skip the narrative without interacting with it first and therefore becoming part of it.

'Plug & Play' was released worldwide on the 2nd of February and is available to download here: 'Plug & Play'

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