Milhouse From Memory Zine

Illustrator Kieran Gabriel first conceived, edited and published the 'Milhouse From Memory' zine back in 2013. He asked friends, family members, practicing illustrators and anyone on the internet who fancied having a go to draw Milhouse Van Houten from memory, without any reference.

The results varied from superbly accurate interpretations to downright laughable efforts resulting in a fascinating look into the collective memory of this icon character. Unsurprisingly the 84-page, A5 publication was a huge success, swiftly selling out in under a week!

Two years later, after some belated praise for Simpsons creator Matt Groening, the book is set to be re-released by cult indie publisher Belly Kids in May, and accompanied by an exhibition at Beach London later in the year.

The new book will be comprised of the original 78 drawings plus a curated selection of new submissions bringing the total image count up to a nice round 100. There is still time to submit your own contribution. Simply draw Milhouse from memory (no cheating) and upload you image to

Belly Kids are taking pre-orders for 'Milhouse From Memory' now, priced £7.00

Everything's coming up Milhouse!

Jean Jullien

Josh Wayles

Ryan Humphrey

Krtistyna Bazcynski

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