Nathaniel Matthews Coonskin Zine

Nathaniel Matthews is an independent publisher from New York city, specialising in releasing bootleg excerpts from out-of-print photography classics and zines featuring his own photographic imagery.

Nathaniel's 'Coonskin' zine features a series of photographs of Ralph Bakshi's seminal 1975 animated feature-film of the same name.

However these are not simply screen-grabs, these images are captured straight from a television screen creating an element of distortion. The TV's refresh rate, the angle of the camera to the screen, and reflections caught upon the glass all contribute to the uniqueness of these photographs. The series of images plays with the concept of re-photography and capturing a still from a moving image, a still which did not exist until that moment.

- Full colour print
- 52 pages
- 8.25"x10.5"
- limited to 30 copies
- priced $20.00

Buy a copy here: Nathaniel Matthews Shop

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