The Moomins Theme Tune 7"

Record Store Day 2015 will see the first ever release of the music from the cult 1983 television series 'The Moomins.' Limited to 900 copies and housed in a custom-made fuzzy felt style sleeve, depicting original production stills reproduced with a special print process, the release is sure to be sought after by soundtrack collectors, domestic electronic fans, absent bygone tele addicts as well as animation & design enthusiasts.

The monumental endeavors of re-issue label Finders Keepers, and it's co-founders Andy Votel, Doug Shipton and Dom Thomas, in bringing this 7" into reality reads like one of Tove Jansson's epic adventures.

The investigation into releasing the wonky ocarina/electronic rhythm led Moomins theme took ten years... Searching "the undergrowth of four distant countries" for this lost music dates back to the inception of the Finders Keepers label itself!

Even after 10-years in the making this problem fraught release had to overcome one final obstacle. Two days before Record Store Day it transpired 50% of the 900 pressed copies were lost in transit. Andy Votel, Doug Shipton, Dom Thomas and a small number of courier volunteers (dubbed the Moomin Liberation Society) took it upon themselves to hand-deliver the remaining stock. With the majority of a heroic 400 mile "multi-store round-trip record-drop" now completed, hopefully you'll be able to track down a copy!

Eventually successful in their quest, Finders Keepers and The Moomin Liberation Society we're able to fulfill their decade long labor of love!

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Anonymous said...

Well I'm very happy with my copy from Rough Trade in Nottingham. I had no idea that copies were lost in transit - this makes the release even rarer!