Julien Mier & Magical Mistakes - Divide, Multiply

Julien Mier, a young composer and producer from the Netherlands known for his fragmented electronic melodies and washed out collision of musical genres, has collaborated with Japan-based musician & producer Erik Luebs aka Magical Mistakes on the release of a new track, titled 'Divide, Multiply.'

The track is included on the compilation 'YEAR FOUR,' released via King Deluxe celebrating their fourth anniversary - kingdeluxe.ca/year­four

King Deluxe are forging a reputation, not only for championing excellent music, but pairing their releases with superbly animated music videos, a number of which we've already had the pleasure of featuring on the Animated Review. This latest visual accompaniment comes courtesy of Japanese visual producer, installation artist and animator Keita Onishi, who specializes in rhythmical video expression related to music.

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