Sundeep Toor: Soft Disney Jelly

Sundeep Toor has animated an abstract series of amorphous Disney characters from classic icons to the more obscure. The short contains just shy of 70 distinguishable characters... can you name them all!?

Visit here for an accompanying GIF gallery and a list revealing the whole line-up in order of appearance.

The Man And The Mouse: Pixel Mickey Pin

The Man And The Mouse created their 'Pixel Mickey' image, inspired by our two favorite things while growing up - playing video games on the original Nintendo (NES) and going to Disney World, back in early 2014. Their vinyl stickers were left lying around The Walt Disney World Resort to be discovered by lucky park guests. Since then their work has organically grown to encompass a variety of graphic styles all with a Disneyfied slant.

To celebrated where it all began, The Man And The Mouse have released a limited edition 1" 'Pixel Mickey' lapel pin. The pin is available now via The Man And The Mouse online store, priced just $9.00!

Simon Landrein: Spead Magazine

Simon Landrein animated this pair of ass-slappingly good teaser for the launch of Spread Magazine, a brand new quarterly publication focusing on original and curated visual work from the worlds of Art, Music & Photography.

Asavari Kumar: Parallel

LA-based visual artist, designer and filmmaker Asavari Kumar describes her animated film 'Parallel' as "a video installation and a short film that attempts to explore the multiple possible outcomes of the same situation at key points in an individual’s life. It aims to investigate the effect of these outcomes on the individual while exploring the structure of a linear but parallel narrative and the possibility of simultaneous existence of multiple realities."

COSMO : A Graphic Space Journey

This animated odyssey through space was conceived by artistic director Gabriel Aldama and motion designer Pierre-Guilhem Roudet.

The resulting short amalgamates 2D & 3D animation into a style influenced by retro sci-fi and monochromatic graphic novels. The creative duo encourage viewers to press pause at any moment and admire individual frames as if the were panels in a comic strip.

Craig Metzger: This Happy Place Zine

Art director, graphic designer and artist Craig Metzger lives and works in Southern California. Over the last decade he has visited the "The Happiest Place On Earth" countless times, collecting strange stories and dark rumors from former park workers, seasoned park goers and even law enforcement officers!

Becoming fixated with these Disneyland urban legends, Craig decided to publish a zine as a personal creative project and as a cathartic release for these gathered folk-tales. Visualised in a series of bizarre illustrations, doctored photographs and found images, the zine encompasses stories ranging from murder & suicide, the ups and downs of the 'Captain EO' ride marred by Michael Jackson's child molestation rumors and the infamous (albeit photoshopped) images of Donald Duck exposing Christina Aguilera's nipple ring!

'The Happy Place' zine is available to buy from now, along with a series of complementary sew-on patches and stickers!

Art Department - Walls

It's rare to see anything more than pseudo-film trailers and fragments of animated science fiction from Hugo Moreno.

In this music video, accompanying the track 'Walls' by Art Department (a musical partnership between Jonny White and Canadian Techno-legend Kenny Glasgow,) we're treated to a full three and a half minutes of Hugo's inimitable style brought to life. The video depicts a venomous black ooze leaching from the body of a guilt ridden man, infecting the water supply of a futuristic city before consuming it entirely.

This directorial collaboration between Grandson & Son, Jonny White and Hugo Moreno, combined with the animation talents of Hugo's fellow Gobelins' graduates Hanne Galvez and Bernard Som, really compliments the ominous vocals & the futuristically electronic music and reaffirms our desire to see more of Hugo Moreno's work on a grander scale.

Emily King - The Animals

Tomek Ducki directed this wonderful animated new music video for the track'The Animals' by Emily King.

Ducki animated the sand art (albeit actually being animated with coffee grounds) sequences, Gina Thorstensen created the spiraling psychedelic strata-cut clay animation (A similar process was used in her previous collaboration with Tomek Ducki in the Bipolar Sunshine 'Day Dreamer' music video,) whilst Weronika BanasiƄska handled the hand-drawn 2D elements. The collaborative whole is a stunning amalgamation of styles, truly mirroring the depth and warmth of Emily King's soulful lyrics.

The track is taken from the forthcoming album 'The Switch' - available June 26th via iTunes.

Lee Hardcastle: Expensive Spliff

Lee Hardcastle animated this spot on cheeky homage to stop motion maestro PES.

Wong Ping: An Emo Nose

The latest absurdly amusing animated short from Wong Ping follows the story of a wandering nose and the face it leaves behind. The fact this is the first of his films you can show your friends without looking like a pervert is an added bonus!

"I have lost my interest in any kind of social activities after my nose leave me. Am I enjoying loneliness as I thought, or the ugliness of the people around me makes me feel being alone is actually not bad at all?"

Kidori Kidori - Somehow Already

It is always a pleasure to see a new music video from independent animation studio ONIONSKIN. Their output is always so varying in animation style, but consistent in creativity, you never know quite what to expect other than unadulterated excellence!

This vibrantly colourful and graphically bold release accompanies the track 'Somehow Already' by Kidori Kidori.

Fruity Samurai Seigensha Flipbooks

'Land Of The Fruity Samurai' - ISBN: 9784861524875

'Dual Of Samurai Apples' - ISBN: 9784861524868

Seigensha Art Publishing continue their series of highly creative flip books, by spirited artists and animators, with this pair of 'Fruity Samurai' titles from acclaimed Japanese studio HappyProject.

Based on two of the award winning episodes of 'Fruity Samurai,' flipping through these small books encapsulate the fresh and fun Jidaigeki adventures of Tomato, Apple, Pineapple, Durian... and a lineup of other comically individualistic samurai characters!

"Fruity Samurai is the ultimate title bestowed on those who have trained to the limit to perfect the techniques of swordsmanship and who posses the noble spirit of the samurai. Tomato, Apple, Pineapple, Durian…a lineup of comically individualistic characters. Again tonight, duels are played out as these fruit head samurai match swords against each other. Here are novel and surreal samurai period sword-fight comedies that are great fun. Don’t miss this unique samurai world!"

Hugo Moreno: Magnatron Teaser

Another superbly animated snippet of sci-fi sublimeness from Hugo Moreno.

The animation serves as a visual and audio teaser for the debut album 'Magnatron,' released via NewRetroWave Records on JULY 14th 2015.

Burnout Syndromes - Book Girl

Three-piece Japanese rock band Burnout Syndromes have unveiled the latest track from their 'Bungaku Shoujo' album, titled 'Book Girl'. The track is accompanied by a frantically animated music video, directed by Takashi Ohashi.

The video depicts a school girl lost in a literary dream world.

Professor Soap: Positronic

'Positronic' is an animated "sock-puppet-rock-saga" about positrons and electrons!

Check out the latest piece of awesome ear/eye-candy from Ryan Mauskopf aka Professor Soap!