Art Department - Walls

It's rare to see anything more than pseudo-film trailers and fragments of animated science fiction from Hugo Moreno.

In this music video, accompanying the track 'Walls' by Art Department (a musical partnership between Jonny White and Canadian Techno-legend Kenny Glasgow,) we're treated to a full three and a half minutes of Hugo's inimitable style brought to life. The video depicts a venomous black ooze leaching from the body of a guilt ridden man, infecting the water supply of a futuristic city before consuming it entirely.

This directorial collaboration between Grandson & Son, Jonny White and Hugo Moreno, combined with the animation talents of Hugo's fellow Gobelins' graduates Hanne Galvez and Bernard Som, really compliments the ominous vocals & the futuristically electronic music and reaffirms our desire to see more of Hugo Moreno's work on a grander scale.

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