Craig Metzger: This Happy Place Zine

Art director, graphic designer and artist Craig Metzger lives and works in Southern California. Over the last decade he has visited the "The Happiest Place On Earth" countless times, collecting strange stories and dark rumors from former park workers, seasoned park goers and even law enforcement officers!

Becoming fixated with these Disneyland urban legends, Craig decided to publish a zine as a personal creative project and as a cathartic release for these gathered folk-tales. Visualised in a series of bizarre illustrations, doctored photographs and found images, the zine encompasses stories ranging from murder & suicide, the ups and downs of the 'Captain EO' ride marred by Michael Jackson's child molestation rumors and the infamous (albeit photoshopped) images of Donald Duck exposing Christina Aguilera's nipple ring!

'The Happy Place' zine is available to buy from now, along with a series of complementary sew-on patches and stickers!

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