Jebediah Springfield Lapel Pin

Lost World Clothing have teamed up with Dave Walker (aka Tattoo Dave) on this fantastic lapel pin inspired by the severed head of the Jebediah Springfield bronze statue.

The 1.5" die-struck pin is limited to 200 signed and numbered pieces, with 100 available via Lost World Clothing and an additional 100 direct from Tattoo Dave.

Pick one up via either store for just £5.00, but be quick, stock is already running low!

Ryan Gillis: Palm Rot

"Investigating a mysterious explosion in the Florida Everglades, a crop-duster named Bill discovers a lone crate that survived the wreckage. Curiosity gets the better of him and he pulls the crate unto his airboat. That's just the first in a series of decisions he learns to regret."

Watch Ryan Gillis' 'Palm Rot'...

Marianna Raskin: Wojtek The Polish Soldier Bear

Marianna Raskin's graduation film from Shenkar College of Engineering and Design tells the bitter-sweet (and true) story of Wojtek, a bear adopted by a group of Polish soldiers during the Second World War.

D.A.N. - Ghana

Ryu Okubo directed and animated this music video to accompany the track 'Ghana' by Japanese three-piece band D.A.N. (Daigo Sakuragi, Jinya Ichikawa & Teru Kawakami.)

Alongside splodgy & painterly rendered excerpts of the band, we're treated to a stream of bizarre abstract visuals including burning Ferris wheels, floating cacti and hypnotically spinning psychedelic spirals.

Guts - Brand New Revolution

The track 'Brand New Revolution', from Guts' album 'Paradise For All', is a wonderfully enjoyable track enhanced by the stunning animated visuals created by experimental Japanese animator Mirai Mizue.

Piers Atkinson: Minions Hats

To mark the release of the Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment's 'Minions' film, Parisian boutique Colette launched the 'Minions Bello Yellow Collection' inspired by the lovably mischievous 'Despicable Me' henchmen.

The 'Minions Bello Yellow Collection' features garments made by 6 international designers (Rupert Sanderson, Giles Deacon, Piers Atkinson, Tatty Devine, Criminal Damage and SJYP) with this capsule collection of head-wear from London-based milliner Piers Atkinson being particularly pleasing.

Prices range from £290 for a 'Bob' beanie adorned with a yellow & blue pom-pom with googly-eyes and spiky hair to £505 for a more elaborate 'Stuart, Kevin & Bob' headband featuring a Swarovski crystal half-face veil and yellow & blue pom-pom likenesses of the trio.

Check out the full collection here:

Anchi Shen: Rabies

Anchi Shen's TNUA animation graduate film plays out an epic rivalry between a hunting dachshund and an enraged rabbit...

Helio Sequence - Battle Lines

Emanuele Kabu co-directed (alongside Robin Washburn) and animated this remarkable music video for the Helio Sequence and their track 'Battle Lines', out now on Sub Pop Records.

Typical of Emanuele's recent output, and his previous collaboration with the Helio Sequence, the video combines a dazzling array of animation techniques. Filtered live footage, hand-drawn animation and stop motion amalgamate into an impressively coherent whole.

Simon Landrein: Bart Simpson Bootleg

Check out Simon Landrein's short animated tribute to Bart Simpson, created for the Be Street - Bootleg Bart Creative Contest.

This animation, alongside a number of other works, will be presented at the Be Street Weeknd in Los Angeles on July 25th/26th 2015 and in Paris on October 3rd/4th 2015. This unique experience is going to be amazing, with an interactive and original scenography for the perfect immersion into this subversive version of Springfield!

More Amazing Simpsons Patches

"My Eyes! The Goggles Do Nothing" patch by Instant Classic

We love seeing a good Simpsons inspired sew-on patch, a new one seems to crop up on Instagram every couple of days. Here is a round-up of the latest and greatest creations finding their way into existence.

Girl Power patch by Terms And Conditions*

"Grease Me Up Woman!" patch by The Wily Fox

Mr. Burns "I Bring You Love" patch by Mike McCabe

Nuke The Whales patch by Pyramid Scheme

Dirty Hand patch by Pizza Press

Liberal Animation patch by Cheat Death Corp.

Hotdog VanHouten patch by Really, Man?

"Marge Better Have My Honey" patch by Spoking Fun

Elior Ziegelwax: Pavlov

Elior Ziegelwax's Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design 2015 graduation film, tells the story of young writer struggling with manic depression and the love-hate relationship he has with his partner's Pit Bull hybrid, Pavlov.

Fifty Shades Of Spray x Ermsy: Goofy T-Shirt

Fifty Shades of Spray is an independent zine and brand, which focuses on the use of individual colours in graffiti and illustration.

Launching in March 2015 with the 'Blue' issue, Fifty Shades Of Spray quickly followed it up with the 'High Grade Green' issue at the end of June. This second issue has also been accompanied by a limited edition T-shirt designed by Ermsy. The tee features a stoned out Goofy spraying the globe a suitably bilious green.

The screen printed, 100% cotton T-shirt is available in small, medium, large and extra large in very limited quantities via the Fifty Shades Of Spray online store, priced £25.00!

Wong Ping: Prada Raw

Prada's new animated campaign for the brand's new range of 'Prada Raw' sunglasses includes work from Carly Kuhn, Blair Breitenstein, Judith Van Den Hoek, Megan Hess, Vilda Vega and Wong Ping.

Each video is presented as a virtual catwalk staring elegant digital heroines and the 'Prada Raw' eyewear collection, with the individual styles and ideas of the illustrators and animators giving a unique quality to each of the six films. Wong Ping's multi-coloured standout response hints at a slightly uneasy voyeuristic narrative in which the protagonist is admired from afar.

Watch Wong Ping's animation below and discover more on

Sage Francis - ID THIEVES

Set to the new Sage Francis track 'ID Thieves,' Aaron Lampert single-handedly animated this accompanying futuristically-dystopian world, populated by a sinister race of face-stealing robots! 

With more than a hint of 'Akira', 'Ghost In The Shell' and 'Blade Runner,' the resulting music video is a fully realised triumph of the sci-fi genre. It also helps that Sage Francis' robust figure and stoic demeanor enables him to cut a pretty convincing portrayal as a robot-ass-kicking protagonist.

Bartkira Animated Trailer

"In the days of old, deep in the dredges of the "Do the Bartman" VHS, there was a trailer...

In partnership with Chicken Tonight, Butterfinger, and CC Lemon, the early 90s execs of Fox and Toho made an animated short. An attempt to appeal to American consumers without having to spend a lot of money. Until a changing of the guard decided the kids needed more Poochie and it was lost...until today."

The 'Bartkira' trailer is an animated parody mash-up of 'The Simpsons' and 'Akira' based on an idea conceived by Ryan Humphrey. The original 'Bartkira' comic can still be purchased in Ryan's online store. The concept has since been expanded upon, with James Harvey curating the contributions of 100's of artist to recreate the 'Akira' graphic novel in full!

In association with the comic, producer Kaitlin Sullivan pitched the idea of an accompanying animated trailer. Collaborating with over fifty animation artists finally resulted in the spectacular 'Bartkira' trailer you see below.

Small Spells: Bart Simpson Apparel

Rachel Howe (aka Small Spells) creates gorgeous contemporary ceramics, offers tarot readings and produces an excellent line of bootleg Simpson apparel from her apartment in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

The 'Bart Rose' T-shirt ($40.00), 'Bart Smoking Snoopy' tote ($25.00) and '2 Possessed 2 B Stressed' sweatshirt ($60.00) are all available via the Small Spells online store now!

The Line: Amaro and Walden's Joyride

London-based animation studio The Line recently unveiled their latest and greatest self-initiated project 'Amaro And Walden's Joyride,' directed by Tim McCourt and Max Taylor.

"Amaro & Walden are the best of friends but couldn't care less about each other's safety. Follow them burning around town acting like they’re top dons in a music video." - The Line

Undoubtedly inspired by the virtual band Gorillaz and the four animated characters created by Jamie Hewlett, Amaro and Walden draw many visual and characteristic parallels. The protagonists are similarly composited into the real-world footage, striking the right balance between believably sitting in their live environments whilst equally celebrating their hand-drawn aesthetic. Also, their antisocial lads-on-tour attitude, as they race around blasting out grimey drum 'n' bass and harassing the entirely of London (including pissing off Suggs,) rings true to the Gorillaz chaotic lifestyle.

Regardless of any similarities 'Amaro and Walden's Joyride' is a truly amazing piece of animation from one of our favourite independent studios, and hopefully not the last we've seen of this anarchic duo!

Nicolas Ménard: Loop Ring Chop Drink

Watch Nicolas Ménard's phenomenal 2014 RCA graduation film 'Loop Ring Chop Drink.'

"The mundane story of a heartbroken man, an online gambling addict, an alcoholic kleptomaniac and an anxious loner living in the same apartment building."

Ave Espelita: CGI Samurai Jack

Ave Espelita (aka Avemagnadude) single-handedly animated this incredible CG tribute to Genndy Tartakovsky’s 'Samurai Jack.'

Espelite created all the visuals over the course of four months using the open source GC software Blender. It's undeniably impressive for an individual and arguably more enjoyable than, the now shelved, Genndy-helmed 'Popeye' teaser revealed last year. Just imagine what a CG studio like Sony Pictures Animation, filled with hundreds of artists, could achieve with 'Samurai Jack.'


Gustavo Almenara animated this music video for jazz quartet METISMATIC and their new track 'Shapes.' The track is taken from their latest album titled 'Bad Safari,' which can be listen to on Soundcloud here: METISMATIC & Guests - Bad Safari

The video sees the band's musicians strum, pluck and beat abstract, amorphous and colourful shapes, which synergetically transform in perfect synchronisation with the improvised "global jazz" performance.

Drenge - I Want To Break You In Half

Parisian animation collective CRCR have directed this, mostly live-action, music video set in a typically boisterous English boozer. Aptly created to accompany the raucous music of Drenge, and their track 'I Want To Break You In Half,' the reverse narrative video starts as the dust settles and then ingeniously plays out to reveal the pretext of the bar brawl.

In brief flashes of animation CRCR strip back layers of flesh to reveal the impact of rib-shattering, skull-cracking, bone-snapping blows.


California-based custom skateboard builders SHAKASTICS have teamed-up with Japanese artist Ken Kagami and his fantastically irreverent illustration work. The chosen graphic is a shameless doodle of Bart Simpson with the profile of a skateboard forming his eyes.

The SHAKASTICS x Ken Kagami collaboration includes four deck variants (90's Football Shape 8.5" and Popsicle Shape available in 8.25", 8.38" and 8.5".) A T-shirt available in three colour variants, and a very limited 6 panel cap made in conjunction with The Hatsmith. The limited nature of SHAKASTICS releases means many of these items have already sold out! Grab what you want via their online store whilst you still can.

Also check out the excellent 'Bartworks' zine published as a co-production between Kagami, Swiss publishing house Nieves and Hungarian art publisher Innen.

John Jones Studio: Tribute

Baptiste Humler of the John Jones Studio animated this marvelous tribute to his favourite super heroes. Bruce Banner's muscle popping transformation into The Hulk is especially pleasing.

Yawen Zheng: Every Star

Yawen Zheng's 2014 short 'Every Star', a first year animation created at USC - School of Cinematic Arts, is finally online for us to enjoy in all its charmingly sweet magnificence.

A mysterious boy from nature collects stars from the nights sky and sends them to every city child, who are unable to see the stars through light pollution and smog.

"In everyone’s heart, there lives a little boy and his star."

Judie So: Hidden Pirate Island Zine

Judie So aka WOLVES&OWLS is a Sydney-based freelance illustrator with a focus on creating predominantly monochromatic artworks showcasing her delicately intricate line work and characters with a sense of nostalgia & curiosity.

As part of an ongoing personal project the SMPSNS collects a series of Simpsons inspired illustrations featuring obscure characters, memorable quotes, ink brush writing and a tattoo flash aesthetic. As an outlet for these drawings Judie has published the 'Hidden Pirate Island' zine, a reference to a quote from season 11 episode 'The Mansion Family', compiling a selection of the best.

Limited stock of 'Hidden Pirate Island' is still available to buy via Judie So's online store, priced $10.00

Kool A.D. - Hickory

Youth Experimental Studio (YES) a multidisciplinary graphic design studio based in Lima, Perú are behind this superbly animated music video for the track 'Hickory' by Kool A.D. The rotoscoped video, animated and edited by Muriel Holguín, features colourful and painterly illustrations from herself alongside Paulo Novoa and Delphine Lejeune.

The track, featuring Talib Kweli & Boots Riley, is taken from the new Kool A.D. album 'Word O.K.'